Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Showers

Can you even believe that we've already finished up the first quarter of 2010?!?!? 
Oh, how times flies, especially as we get older. 
Did I hear somebody say "speak for yourself"?!?  Well, I will admit....I won't live for as many years as I have already!!! Does that makes sense?!?!?  In other words...I'm 55...and I seriously doubt that I'll live for 55 more years!!!

Anyway....April is here!!! 
I love the month of April....I even like the name!!!
So.....let's check out what's happening in the month of April....

April 1st....April Fool's Day....that's today!!!
Do you plan on playing any practical jokes today?!?! Not that I've ever been in on anything so childish!! HA! HA!
Click here for more info on the origin of April Fool's Day.
(am I the only person who dislikes the word "fool"?)

Easter is Sunday, April 4th.
This day holds such a special meaning to Christians as we celebrate the death, burial.....but most importantly....the RESURRECTION of our Lord and Savior....Jesus  Christ!!!

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April is National Kite Month

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April is National Cancer Control Month

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month
(click here for more information)

Income taxes are due on April 15th

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For all you avid golfers out there (my brother and nephew).....the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA is April 5th thru April 11th
(I refuse to show a picture of Tiger Woods)

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The week of April 18th - April 24th is National Administrative Professional Week....with April 21st actually being Administrative Professional Day
(I used to get some nice gifts on this day)

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April 22nd is Earth Day....which is a global holiday celebrated as a day to bring awareness and appreciation for the earth and it's environment.

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April 22nd is also another very important date in the month of April....because....on April 22, 1977....Pappy and I got married!!!

(look how young....and skinny....and Pappy is still just as's even more handsome!!!)

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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