Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Under the weather

I've had a sinus infection off and on since last October and finally broke down and went to an ENT....since about 5 rounds of different antibiotics haven't done the trick.  I was diagnosed with a "chronic" sinus infection....meaning I've had it for way too long!!!   The doc's aim is to get me "well"....not just "better".  I got a high-powered antibiotic shot....and also oral antibiotics....and a multi-vitamin shot (yes, both hips are sore)....but....if this doesn't clear it up completely.....then, I will have to have some minor "sinus surgery".....in his office.....where the sinus are numbed and flushed out.  Now.....I'm really not a wimp....but I would prefer not to have this done....so, would you kindly say an itty-bitty prayer that these meds do the trick?!?

Thank you in advance!!!

And....for a bit of humor....after I got home from the doctor's office, I got on the computer and as I was typing and responding to an e-mail, I thought my keyboard sure was loud....and even the click of my mouse almost hurt my ears.  When Pappy got home, I asked him wasn't it a lot louder than normal and he said no, it sounded the same to him. 
Then....it dawned on me....they washed out my ears at the doctor's office....and that's why I could hear so well....and I had always prided myself on my excellent hearing, too!!!


And....last but not least.....I definitely know....beyond a shadow of a doubt....that I'm getting old and senile....either that, or this infection has gone to my brain!!!
I left the doctor's office and went to have a couple of prescriptions filled. I dropped them off at Walgreen's and they said it would be about 20 minutes....so I wandered around the store and looked at some Easter mark-downs....then headed back to pick up my meds.  The lady looked at me a bit odd and asked if I had ever had prescriptions filled there before...and I said yes....and proceeded to get out my prescription card....when it dawned on me.....I was supposed to be at CVS!!! I had to ask for my prescriptions back.....and boy, did I do a lot of apologizing (I seem to have to do a lot of that, huh?). The lady was sooooo nice.....I'm thinking maybe she's had similar things happen to her, too!!!

So.....that's about it for me....and....don't you think that's enough?!?  And....do you understand why this is all I can muster up for today?!?

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. I prayed for you and will continue! Don't worry--you're in good company, and have lots of it:)
    Thanks for the *smile*!
    Faith's Firm Foundation

  2. Prayin that you get better. Don't worry, yesterday I forgot to pull down my first 4 boxes to deliver, looked all over for it when I got near the boxes and realized I didn't pull them, let note in first box that I'll be back with it later that day. Ooooppppsss!
    P.S. Done same thing with hubby's prescription, he has one that goes to Walmarts and one to Lee's Pharmacy and I mixed them up. So you not alone in that "mishap" boat! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. My hubby has also had a time of it with his sinuses. Got sick right before Thanksgiving, was on 5 or 6 different antibiotics, prednisone twice. Finally the ENT said to try an experimental sinus surgery, so he did and it was not bad at all! He did not get immediate relief, but he is about 95% of his old self now.
    Praying the meds will work for you!

  4. Don't worry...you're not that senile! Your mind just has better things to think about than mundane details like which store you are at. Sinus infections are awful! I'll be praying for you.


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24