Monday, April 19, 2010

What goes up.....

.....must come down.

Remember that line for the old Blood Sweat and Tears song, "Spinning Wheel"?

Well....I can now vouch for there being a lot of truth in that little statement!!!

Wanna know why?

Because....Friday morning....I was working in my craft room...(I promise pics sometime this week).....and needed to do some rearranging on a top shelf.

Instead of doing the smart thing....and going to get the step stool.....I stood on the nearest, handiest thing sewing chair.

I have no idea what happened....other than I fell.

It all happened so fast....and the only thing I really remember was landing on the floor....flat of my back....and my head bouncing....and the pain.....oh, the pain!!!  Somewhere on the way down my right thigh had landed on a basket with a wire rim around the top....and my right arm had hit something....and my left ankle....and my right hip!!!

I lay there for a bit trying to regroup....and to make sure that nothing was broken!!!

You wouldn't believe the bruises that I have....and the sore spots I keep finding.  Later on in the afternoon.....I couldn't help but realize....that where my head landed....was just inches away from a solid wood dresser....and if my head had hit the dresser.....well, I probably wouldn't be writing this blog post right now!!!!

So.....take my advice.....if you must reach something up high....take the time to go get a stepstool....or a ladder....or, a tall person!!!

 ('s wishful thinking that I would look anything like that lady standing on the chair in the pic!!! ha! ha!)

Blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love.....and with mine!!!


  1. Ms. Debbie,
    You are very lucky we had a lady do this in church a year ago. Let's just say she was in surgery to have a hip repaired and still has a lot of trouble with it.

  2. Sorry to hear about your fall, I'm just glad that you only ended up with bruises and sore spots. Thank the Lord.

  3. Wow Deb! I'm so glad you are OK! You scared me with that story. I know a man, a neighbor, who lost his leg after falling off a ladder. He was trimming trees. We never knew why they had to take his leg though.

    I'm glad you lived to make light of it.

    By the way, Bee's comment gave me an idea for our weight loss blog. We could post thumbnails of our 'vision' for use. :o)

    I'm going to go set it up right now! Oh yes, and the McKlinky List for posting our weight is ready...speaking of looking good!

  4. Deb, what a story, and I am glad you are okay. My husband was on a ladder at the side of a grain bin a couple of years back, and the ladder started moving, and he held onto the ladder as it went down. He ended face down with the ladder under him, and broke both of his wrists and his nose that day. Even after several surgeries and steel pins, he still has problems with pain and swelling if he does too much. So sometimes ladders aren't so safe either. I think your idea of calling a very tall person is the best bet. Hope your bruises heal quickly.


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24