Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's what's been happening...... my neck of the woods!!!

Don't you just love Al Roker?!?
And....don't you love to blog hop and get ideas from others?!?!?

Yeah... me, too!!!

I'm visited quite a few lately....and sometimes visiting one will lead to another and another....and I often loose track where I started!!!
So....if any of you happen to see these.....and the original is yours.....please  contact me so that I can give credit where credit is due!!!

As you can see....I've had quite a productive week....using things I already had on here goes.....

First of all....I took a sweet little blue mason jar that I had on the counter....and turned it into a soap dispenser.....

Just find a pump that works well.  I took one from a bottle of lotion and squirted lots of water thru it to get it clean.  Punched a hole into one of the old galvanized metal lids....cut the dispenser off the right length for the jar....glued it onto the lid....and.....VOILA

Here it is sitting on the back of the kitchen sink.....

Also....see the bottle with the purple "Dawn" in it?  It's just an old Orange Crush bottle that I cleaned really well....and added an olive oil dispenser to the top.  You can get those dispensers at Dollar Tree....2/$1.00!!!

My second little transformation....was simply adding some brown glaze to a church birdhouse.  I've meant to do this for quite some time....because it was just too stark white....

For this one, all I used was a can of spray paint that I had on transform a star  from a burgundy RED!!! they both are on the shelf in the sun room.....
I'm gonna paint that shelf....whatta 'ya think..... cream....or, maybe brown?!?

 My last finished product to share this week.....a pincushion.....
All I did was take an empty almond can....stuffed it full of batting....and cut a piece of fabric and stuffed it in around the batting.  
Measure around the can to find out how much scrapbook paper you're gonna need.  I like all these patterns, so I used all 3 and cut the pieces the right length to fit around the can....then,  just used spray glue to attach them to the can.
Now....if I do another one of these....the paper will go on before the stuffing and fabric!!!

Then....I used some peel and stick ribbon to sorta decorate the "can".....and.....after changing my mind about the's how it turned out.....

Depending on how much I get accomplished next week....I hope to share this with y'all.....

Can't wait to see what y'all have been up to this week!!!

Happy Weekend, Everybody!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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  1. Well, aren't you the crafty fingers. I love the idea of the mason jar for the soap dispenser...and the Orange crush bottle. About the shelf...I would personally paint it a brown to match one of the browns in the brick of the fireplace. Not too dark.
    Love your ideas.

  2. Wow! You've been busy! I think you should paint the shelf brown so it stands out against the brick.

  3. I call it blog stumbling when I do it. It's more reflective of my clumsiness. I realize we are each His masterpiece, but that doesn't mean my gait is graceful!

    You have such neato ideas! I have a tag on my blog that reads "Not Martha Stewart," so that should give you a clue as to why I am so impressed!

    Creative you, have a great day!

  4. Looks like you've been sign of hooty yet on this end. I'd paint that shelf a charcoaly color to match the deepest color brick on your fireplace, Hope this helps!

  5. Cool mason jar conversion!!! I love your kitchen backsplash!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Oooh, loving your craftiness!! Have you ever visited They have a blog hop on Thursdays called 'I made it'. I think you would enjoy it! You have a great blog!

  7. You are amazing. I love all the stuff you made especailly the soap jar.

  8. What a cute little pin cushion!

  9. Well well well~ You have been busy. Crafting is the best! Love all that you have created, the Ball jar dispenser the shelf with that star and that pin cushion super cuteness! WELL DONE! thanks for linking up! Jenn

  10. Cute pin cushion! Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are the craftiest! Love your ideas! I'm sure you have some super cute ideas for wrapping gifts, too! If you get a chance, stop by my Pretty Packages Party and share some of your talent! Its all week long, so pick up a button for a little reminder!

  12. what a fun week you must have had



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