Thursday, August 5, 2010

A peaceful easy feeling..... what I get when I go into our bedroom!!!

Some of my friends know that I've been working on getting our bedroom spruced up a little....and they asked for pictures.  Pappy and I were definitely living in the 80's....and I was getting sooooo tired of it.  It was my last room to FINALLY get the dreaded wallpaper border removed.  I will NEVER....EVER....hang another piece of wallpaper, or long as I live....and I do hope I don't have to eat those words!!!

This post is gonna be picture bear with me.  I'm gonna do a few before and after pics. 
I sincerely apologize if you get nauseated at the before pics!!!

 I told you so.... :(

Much better....calmer....more peaceful!!
The color is sandstone by Valspar.

As you can tell....the room was blue at one time!!!

 I brought this pic from another it better in here.

Before I go any are a few things about the pillows on the bed.  The black and red ones came with bedding know those "bed in a bag"?!? They were okay....but I wanted to spruce them up a here's what I did....

I simply cut pieces of burlap and other materials that matched my color scheme (black, rusty red and aqua)....and kept hot gluing until I had it the way I wanted.  The rosette in the middle is made by rolling a strip of fabric....then twisting and rolling, hot gluing along the way...until you have it the size you want.

Here's another one on the red pillow with a  burlap rosette....boy, that stuff is messy!!!
And, this pillow I made myself....out of fabric that I used for the shower a later pic!!!
 Makes me cringe.....
So much better!!
See that little Mamaw made that for me when I was a baby.....and if you look real closely inside the heart right above it...there's a pic of me wearing it!!!  Each thing hanging from the pegs on the bottom of the shelf are very special to my heart....the cross, my brother made for me many years ago....the little Willow Creek doll is another one from my sis-in-law....the next girl is a gift from Jess that says over her head "you inspire me"....and my "HOPE" pillow came from my friend, Teresa!

 I really like the use of this aqua color in here....seems to add a calmness!!!
These little Willow Creek figures mean a lot to me.  One is a Grandma holding her sweet sister-in-law and niece got it for me when Big Brother was born....the other little boy is holding a "balloon" that is actually a wire that says "HOPE".  I like to think they represent both of our GRAND-sons!
More "blue" jars....I got them from my Mamaw!

Remember the blue fabric that I used in the pillows....well, here's where it came from.....
.....the fabric on the left was actually a shower curtain that I bought at Big Lots.  I cut off about 12" from the top and sewed the beige fabric to it....and added the piece of trim between the two.  I wanted to incorporate that same blue into the bedroom....and since this itsy-bitsy bathroom is off our bedroom....I wanted them to tie in together.'s a pic of the shower curtain....hung with clips on an old silver shower rod that I spray painted with textured brown paint.....
Let me tell you the story behind the basket.....I wanted a basket to go right in that spot to hold Pappy's stuff....walked into Goodwill with that purpose in mind....and there it sat on the first table I came to....less than $1.00 (because of my Senior citizen discount!! HA! HA!).  I spray painted it Krylon "Bahama Blue"....then, went back over it with a few sprays of antique white!

Here's the curtain topper I made to match the shower curtain.....
And.....finally.....I made a little wreath to tie in all the might have noticed it on the shelf in the bedroom.....
 Wrap a Styrofoam wreath in burlap....
 Add your rosettes.....
....and display!!!
(the candle holder is actually 2 separate pieces purchased at Dollar Tree and glued together) more set of pics....a before and after of the old armoire that used to be in the den.  I painted it and we moved it to the bedroom to hold my sweaters.  It looks orange....but, it's actually a rusty red called "cedar chest"!

If you've stuck with me to the end....then, thank you so much!!!  I am so glad to finally get our bedroom and bathroom project off my mind.....what to start on next?!?!?

Friday Blessings to each of you!!!

In His Most Precious Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. Everything is so beautiful. I wish you could come and help me decorate my office.

  2. Your room is gorgeous.

    Found you on Follow Friday at Never Grow Old.

    I am 45. Conservative Christian. I used to be a court stenographer. Have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 18 years. I have five children ages 22, 17, 9, 7 and 2, whom I homeschool. The oldest is finishing her last year of college. I am also a seamstress, artist and hula hooping mama. I will say that I have so much going on that my house would not make it in a magazine, but we're having fun, enjoying life and each other. My daughters also have their own blogs which are posted in my sidebar. The 17 year old has a fashion blog, and the 9 year old has a sewing and crafting blog.


  3. Just beautiful sweet Debbie. I can not wait to get the bathroom done at our house. I'm like you I really do not like wallpaper these days. We had it growing up and I hated it then and really dislike it now.

  4. Looks wonderful!

    Myself, I love wallpaer, but only in limited quantities! LOL

    I have a collection of the Willow Creek figurines. They are precious.

    I hope you enjoy a blessed weekend!

  5. Dear Deb,
    It looks wonderful!!! We are getting ready to do some massive painting around here...I've been sort of putting it off...your post is inspiring!Thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks awesome, I love the paint color!

  7. Very nice! I was actually hoping I could wait until the '80s decor became fashionable again, then I'd already be IN. :-)

  8. Oh I love everything you did. You have inspired me! My bedroom is blah blue (throwback to my hubby's bachelor days). Now where is my paint brush!
    ~Naila Moon

  9. I love what you have done with your room! Very nice job! I'm sure it's so satisfying and peaceful to retire to your room now. I'm visiting from Friday Follow - a little late.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend,


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