Monday, August 2, 2010

Weight Loss Journey Update - July

Too often we let the scale "weigh us down".....well, maybe I should speak for myself.  I get so discouraged because when I hop on the scale in the mornings....after I've pottied and exercised and sweated and stripped down to my  birthday suit (sorry....TMI, I know!!)....I still might not see a significant change from the week before....and a lot of times I expect to see a change from even the day before!!!
So often in my past, I've just figured that since my efforts weren't being rewarded by what I saw on the scale....then, I should just give it all up and go back to my old habits.  Well, for whatever reason...this time has been different.  I've not gotten nearly as discouraged....and I realize that the slower I loose the weight....the more apt it is to stay off!!!

I haven't seen much of a loss in the last month....actually I've gone back and forth with the same 2 pounds....and finally dropping those, plus one more...for a total of 38 lbs since what I know was my highest weight....I actually think it was even higher than that, though!!!

Of course, I can look back and blame the lack of a significant loss on this or that....and I definitely know that stress can be a huge factor in that little needle not moving....or those numbers not declining....but for the most part our lack of a loss can be attributed to one of 2 things....
1)  we didn't move enough
2) we ate too much!

I follow a blog by Keelie @ Real Fat (but getting skinnier every day).  Click on the link to read about her struggles....but especially the post that she did about "NSV".....and how she explains that we often have so many other victories that have nothing to do with the number on the scale.
(NSV=Non Scale Victory)

She had several people tell what they considered their NSV was....and they had absolutely nothing to do with what the scale shouts out to us when we reluctantly step on it!

Here are some of my NSV's from the last month.....

****Some of the sweetest, kindest comments left on my blog that mean the world to me.....and let me know that this blog is for God's glory....certainly not mine!!!  I want even weight loss....getting be for HIM!!!

****I bought a skirt at the thrift store in a size that I haven't worn in years....hoping that I could get into it by fall.  I went ahead and tried it on....and it fit....right fits!!!

****When I first purchased this little rocking chair....I couldn't sit in it....because my behind wouldn't fit....until now.....

 I can't even explain the joy of being able to sit in that little chair....a sweet NSV....hence the VICTORY sign!!!

****I got a pair of jeans a few months ago that were a bit snug....but last Friday....I was able to pull them off without even unzipping them!!! 

****A friend of mine asked me to send her something with an attachment so that she could check her I went into my pictures and sent her one of Pappy and the boys and me.....never dreaming that I would get this response back....

"BEAUTIFUL Picture!!!!!!   I don't like to make suggestions for your blog, but this one needs to make it to your 8/1 weigh-in as a celebration picture!  You look wonderful...especially sitting close to all your favorite guys."

    We've gotta remember....just like traveling down a physical road...there are gonna be hills and valleys and even some speed bumps.  Some days we'll be up on the mountain because we've had what we consider a "good" day....and other times we're down in a valley beating ourselves up because we ate too much or didn't get in our exercise!!!  Then...there will be those speed  bumps that slow us down....stress....holidays...even, in my case....depression!! celebrate my weight loss's the pic that I sent to my friend....

 This has to be the ultimate NSV - enjoying the blessings of being with my 3 favorite guys in the world!!!

You can click on the "Weight Loss" page above for the monthly pic beside "the red rocking chair"!!!

I know that we all need to weigh ourselves....but let's not let the scale "weigh us down".....let's learn to celebrate those "NSV's" along the way!!!

I'm still claiming this verse of scripture as my go-to verse for this weight loss journey....and it means even more to me now.....since I've discovered 
"Non Scale Victory".....

Exodus 15:2 (NLT)
The Lord is my strength and my song; He has given me VICTORY. This is my God, and I will praise Him. My Father’s God, and I will exalt Him!

Until September 1st....blessings to you!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Ms. Debbie,
    Way to go!! You really do your great. A pound or two here there does add up and before you know it you can fit in those jeans again. I am proud of you girl!!!

  2. Fantastic! How happy your family must be that you are taking such great care of yourself.

    Yep, we all should turn to the Lord before turning to earthly things--and this goes well beyond food.

    I've been slender my whole life, but I still have many body image issues. As I face 50, I've realized my body has gotten me through a lot, and it's healthy. Time to cut it some slack!

    Anyway, enough about me, you look fabulous, and I see His joy radiating from you in your family snap.

  3. What an upbeat, encouraging and EXCITING post, Deb!

    Congratulations on your progress! I like the "little red rocking chair" victory and will be watching for September's update :)

    #1 & #2 ought to be engraved on the palms of our hands! This IS what it comes down to.

    Today is another day to rejoice and be GLAD in! Participating with energy, poise, courage and enthusiasm in all that passes through God's hand to us!

  4. I am so excited for you and your NSV's! I too love that picture and your post brought tears to my eyes because every post you write leaves me feeling inspired and encouraged. God gives so much peace and hope and I wish everyone in the world could experience that!!But that just means our work isn't done yet I guess!:)

  5. Congratulation on your journey of weight loss. I'm happy for you and don't you give up. If you ever heard these words I'll same it again, it took a long time to put it on and it takes work and effort and courage and time to get it off. I had to say you looked great in that color on Sunday and I was amazed that you looked younger and beautiful too. You just glowed on Sunday, that color suits you. As Ms. Ellen stated I too have been skinny all my life but also have image issues too. And I struggled with that more now then when I was a teen. Love ya and I'm soo happy for you keep up the good work and keep going. :)


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24