Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fragments....or Five on Friday

You can pretty much tell when my week has been chock full of stuff....because you get a "mishmash", "trivial", "tidbit", "frivolous", "fragmented" post.  Plus....I've been sick with the "crud" since last weekend....and so has the rest of my family.  Pappy and I will be heading to the ENT today for shots to hopefully knock this stuff out! 
So....for today....I'm gonna share a few things going on in my 
"neck of the woods".

 1)  Most diets that we go on ask that we drink lots and lots of water....which is something I've never had a problem with.  But...sometimes just plain old water can get very boring.  Until now....I just discovered this stuff....and some of you probably wonder where I've been if it's been around a long time....but I love it!!!  I made the discovery simply because last Saturday I was feelin' kinda weak....and had to run into the Dollar General Store to pick up something and Pappy told me to grab a vitamin water while I was in there....and I found these.  ZERO calorie....but oh, so good....and they contain some great B vitamins.  I could actually tell a difference within a short time after I downed one of these!!!  They come in several different flavors....but my faves are Acai Fruit Punch and Yumberry Pomegrante....oh, and I discovered yet another great flavor this week....Black and Blue has a slight taste of blackberries!!!  

2)  She's finally finished....and I'm only 2 months behind!!!  My friend, Dawn, bought most of the supplies to make the flag that she saw at  
The Lettered Cottage.  I told her I would love to make it for her birthday....but,  I really didn't intend for it to take me FOREVER.  At least it will be all ready for her the next time we meet at our usual place for lunch....and then head on over to Hobby Lobby!!!  You can click on Ms. Layla's site above for the tutorial....but here's my version.....

3) I have a birthday coming up in you think I'm too old for a party like this one I saw at My Owl Barn?  
I don't think so either!!
(all images courtesy of My Owl Barn)
4)  I read at Southern Expressions that each time she posts something she includes in her labels  "I Jesus" I kinda stole her idea.  If you'll scroll down to the bottom of my blog....over on the right...look how big   
5)  If you're looking for a super simple supper recipe.....well, it couldn't get any easier than this. First of all....take a pie up 2 cans of chili and pour into the plate....drain a can of whole kernel corn and pour over that.....
 ....then, mix up a Jiffy Corn Muffin mix and pour over the corn (it takes a bit more water than the box  calls needs to be pourable).

Bake in a 400-425  degree oven until it's golden brown!!! 

See, I told 'ya....super simple supper recipe!!!

Hope each of you have a great weekend!!!  

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Hi! Visiting you from the Over 40 Blog Hop! (And no, you're never too old for an adorable owl-themed birthday!)

    I love your blog and am now following you via FB's Networking Blogs!

  2. So glad I found your blog...
    I will try this recipe for the wknd.
    sounds good and EASY.. LOVE EASY

  3. Good stuff here today. Your party idea sounds fun. Go for it.

  4. Love the owl themed cake, etc. So darn cute. I stopped by via Java's Follow Friday 40 & Over. Love your blog look.

    Happy Weekend Hugs,

  5. That recipe sounds good and the flag is awesome!

    Have a great weekend and feel better!


  6. I think the Black and Blueberry taste like smarties candy. There's only a few flavors I like and those owl cookies look really good. I love cookies like that, especially if they are soft. Yumm!


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