Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weight Loss Journey.....Update

I told y'all that I wouldn't be doing a monthly update on weight loss....and I'm keeping that promise.  But....I've had lots of questions about loosing weight I'm gonna try to answer a few of them here.

Before I get to that, though....I want to say....that I'm very ashamed that I allowed myself to get to the weight that I did.   When someone compliments me....I feel like I need to turn around and see who they're talking to, 'cause I'm sure it can't be me!!!   It's going to take a very long time....if ever....for me to get rid of the "fat" mentality that I still carry around with me!!!  I'm not yet ready to share what I weigh now....or what I weighed at my highest....but I was HUGE.  The sad thing about that is....I knew I was overweight....but I kept hearing things like "well you carry your weight well"...."you're not big just in one area, you carry it all over your body"....and the all time phrase that people use to try to help you feel better about being so big...."you have a pretty face"!!!   I even had a doctor tell me that once....that I needed to loose weight because I had such a pretty face.  I remember distinctly having to go to the bathroom after that to give a urine sample (sorry, TMI)....and looking in the mirror....and how bad that statement had made me feel!!!
At the beginning of 2010.....I totally felt something inside of me change.  The change really had nothing to do with weight loss, though.....or did it?  Somewhere deep down inside of me....I heard a little voice say "this is gonna be your year".   I've done about every type of weight loss "cure" that you can think of....but nothing worked.  And, I came to realize that they didn't work....because I kept the focus on me, me, me.  When....even in trying to loose weight....the focus needs to be on HIM, HIM, HIM....and doing everything for HIS GLORY!!! answer a few of your  best as I can.

Have you been sick?
This one strikes me as kinda funny.
The answer is "yes" and "no".
"Yes"....I was sick and tired of being miserable....physically, emotionally....and even spiritually!!!
And, 'no'....I didn't loose weight because of any illness!!!

How much weight have you lost?
Around 65 lbs since my highest weight

How did you do it?
I think that because each of us are different....that it takes a different "program" for all of us.  We just have to figure out what works for us.  I have a friend who can loose weight like crazy when she follows a low fat diet....not me!!!
I'm a food-a-holic....especially a sweet-a-holic.  
I LOVE my carbs!!!  
So....with that in mind....I did a moderated low-carb diet.  

So....what do you eat?
Lots of chicken breast....tilapia (I love that stuff)....ground turkey....veggies....and lots of fruit.

What don't you eat?
If I crave something....I go ahead and have a small portion.  I truly don't deprive myself of anything. But....for the most part....I cut out sweets (ice cream, cake, cookies, etc.)....and starches (potatoes, rice, bread). 
Now....this is not to say....that I haven't overindulged a time, or two...or more!!!

Do you exercise?
My favorite thing to do for exercise is walk outside....I love it!!!  But, it's not just the physical benefits that I's the emotional and even spiritual.  I find myself doing a lot of thinking and praying as I walk.  Since it's winter-time....and I'm somewhat cold natured....I make a feeble attempt to walk on the treadmill.  I'm also fixing to start adding some toning exercises.....because being so big, plus weight loss....equals saggy/baggy/wrinkly!!
Not pretty at all!!!

What do you snack on?
I buy the 100 calorie packages of microwave popcorn....and I LOVE almonds!!!

Do you want to loose any more weight?
Are we ever truly happy with our weight....or with our bodies?!?   But, to answer the question....yes....I would really like to loose around 10-15 more pounds.  My Momma tells me "no"....but when she says that I think she's looking at my saggy neck....which ain't pretty!!! I told my friend....I had 3 chins and they had to go somewhere!!

Did you gain weight over the holidays?
Would you believe....that last year....was the first time that I can remember in many, many years....that I didn't gain my usual 7-10 lbs from Halloween thru New Year's!!!  I would start pigging out on Halloween candy....and went down hill from there until the end of the year.  But, not in 2010....I was able to maintain my weight within a couple of pounds....
....praise HIS Name!!!

That's about all the questions I can think of right now.  If there's something you want to know, don't hesitate to can leave me a comment, or e-mail me!!! can click on the "Weight Loss Journey" page for pics and more info!!!

In His Most Precious Name....and with mine!!!


  1. I can't be the only one out there that can't stant the skinny chick in line at Baskin Robbins. How come some people can eat and drink crap all their life, and stay hot, while some of us actually have to work for it. I can't stand meeting a girl, and pretty as can be, but she can't hold an intellectual conversation if her life depended on it, but she's the director of "something important." Hopefully there is a day in some girl's life where they can enjoy a Cappuccino Expresso without guilt.

  2. I want you to know I just love you. I am so glad you are feeling better. I am so proud of your weight lost. My mother and I was talking about and it is a constant battle with anyone watching their weight. Our oldest son we are tyring to teach that lesson. He does not realize he needs to train his body to proper portion size even now. He over indulged at the super bowl party he attended and he was up all night could not sleep.

  3. your journey is so totally inspiring. thank you for sharing it....for putting yourself out here....I understand addictions and how hard it is to kick a habit....Stay shine.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24