Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Story (part 2)

To read the beginning of "My Story"....

After accepting Jesus into my heart on that January Sunday morning and receiving the "right hand of Christian fellowship", we were asked to come back that night for the same.  Like I said earlier, my Daddy and Momma didn't attend church at the time.  I went home and was so happy for what had just taken place.  I couldn't wait to call my Mammie Wiles and tell her what had happened!!!  She was a Christian lady and she was just as happy as the rest of us.  I remember the anxiety all day long wondering if Daddy and Momma would take me back to church that night.  
Isn't it kinda odd how we can go back into the little crevices of our mind and dig up things that we thought were hidden....things we hadn't thought of in a very long time?
I distinctly remember standing in a certain spot in the living room feeling the anxiety of going back to church with my parents....but church time came and went....and we stayed home.
I was so disappointed.

I can't remember when my parents started attending church....but they did and we started going as a family....Daddy, Momma, and my younger brother.   My Sunday school teacher for many years was Ms. Mildred.  She was....and still amazing lady.   I used to call her my "spiritual Mother"....because I believe each of us have those.  Another lady who can be a mentor to us....who has "been there, done that" able to help us when we need advice.   
Ms. Mildred would ask the students to take time about teaching our class....and I remember when it was my week.  I have no clue what the lesson was about when that week rolled around....and I can't remember standing up in front of the class....but, what I do remember was studying.  Again, it's an amazing thing what we remember.  I was sitting in our yard....underneath a pine a blue webbed lawn chair....with my Bible....studying for my turn to teach!!!

At this same time I was in "grammar" school....which tells my age because school is no longer called that.  But, I remember each week  in our spelling lesson, we would have about five or six words to learn and on Friday we would be tested.  We were required to learn to spell the word....learn the definition of it....and use it in a sentence.  You might find this hard to believe....but out of the many hundreds of words that we had to learn that year....the only one that I can even bring  back to mind....was the word "prayer".   
"A sincere desire of the heart"....
....I still remember to this day the definition given in our book.
Little did I know....that that one little word "prayer"....would become such a powerful part of my life!!!

To be continued.....

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


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  2. Sometimes I think God puts those little glimpses of our past as gentle reminders. "Don't forget where you've come from", "remember how you loved to spend time in My book?" Little reminders and encouragements. My favorite bible mentor and tutor was Miss Duthie- bless her heart what a scholar.
    Thanks for part 2- I've been waitin' to hear your story

  3. So happy to have the computer back. I feel blessed to be able to know your story. God is good and directs us to the right people at the right time of our lives.


  4. Don't I wish these lessons were taught in our schools today. Time has changed many things and our schools have not changed for the better - in my opinion.
    I started going to church when I was in the 5th grade. That was many many years ago and I've been going to church regularly ever since. I have memories that come back to me from time to time of being a child and first learning about the Bible, Jesus and God. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  5. Deb, I am enjoying your post about "you" and your beginning as a child of God...plz don't forget to keep us udpate ...looking forward to part 3 .....

  6. and that that word would be taken out of the books!! so sad!


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