Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Kentucky Derby Day....and a Give-A-Way

 First of all....Happy Kentucky Derby Day!!!
I love the Kentucky Derby....and would you believe that Pappy even offered to take me this year?!?!
One of these years....I want to go and watch Calvin Borel ride to victory.  Even though I'm not a betting girl....I would love to just go and see all those fancy hats and see Mr. Calvin ride that victory lap....I have quite a lot of confidence in him, don't I?!?
;-) know how sometimes you visit a blog....and you'll find a link to another another yet another blog....well, that's kinda how I found Ms. Shelli @ Alamode!  While visiting her, I  saw a pillow with one of my favorite words "Tetelesti" perched on a church pew in her home....and, I just knew that I had found a new favorite blog!!!  I sent Shelli a note asking about the pillow....she contacted the store owner....and he graciously offered to give a pillow as a give-a-way on Ms. Shelli's blog.  Now....I probably have about as much a chance of winning this pillow as I would winning the Kentucky Derby....but I told Ms. Shelli that if it's God's will....then, I will!!!  

Here's Ms. Shelli's post....and if you decide to sign up for the give-a-way....just remember how much I would LOVE to own this pillow if you win!!!
hint! hint!

Did anyone see this pillow in the home tour at a' la mode?
 Did you ask yourself, what does Tetelesti mean?
Tetelesti is from the Greek word Tetelestai which means "It is Finished."
"It is Finished" as recorded in the Book of John (19:30), are the last words that Jesus spoke on the cross.
Shelli's pillow (12x24 polyblend insert) is $50 and they will do custom creations in this size for $55
20x20 (with a down insert) are $65, custom creations $70
Look at the gorgeous crosses and signs in the background!

Wouldn't these be sweet in a nursery?

The shop is in downtown Franklin, TN (by P.D's)
They have chic pillows, signs, and other home furnishings with Gods Word
(K has a sweet little white stool that says Jesus loves Me in her nursery)
They will gladly take orders over the phone or email
They can do custom orders and can email you pics of more inventory if you are interested.
Their check out has a sign that says "Do you have a Reservation?"
Everyone that comes in the store signs-  so cool!

He would like to give away a pillow for you- you choose!
-Head over to Shelli's blog a' la mode
-No following, tweets, or facebook, required! It is being offered out of pure love and she wants you to have it in pure love! Just leave Shelli a comment and tell me where you would like to put one of these pillows in your home or if you might give it away as a gift to a friend =)
-The winner will be chosen ( on Monday, May 8th!
-If you feel lead to use this as your post one day this week, Ms. Shelli has written the html for you, just email Shelli what a great way to spread God's word and His love.
* All photos by Amber Beckham Photography

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. They are all cool pillows! so fun and most of all a very important message!
    :) I will have to check her out!


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