Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Women of the Bible - The Woman With An Issue of Blood

 (Mark 5:25-34)
The story of the woman with an issue of blood is one of my favorite scenes in scripture....because it is such a perfect example of faith.  When I searched for a picture, I found several....but I loved this one because it shows a woman who is desperate as she reaches out to touch the hem of Jesus' garment....because she knows in her heart that if she can touch even His clothing....that she will be healed. 

We learn as we read the story that she had this condition for twelve years.  Because of the bleeding, she was considered unclean....and because she was unclean, she was isolated from her family and friends.  She was exhausted....both mentally and physically....and financially.....because she had spent all of her money going to doctors trying to find a cure for the hemorrhaging.

At the time this story takes place, Jesus is in a large crowd of people.  I can just imagine the stories about Jesus' miraculous healing that the woman had heard about.  She knew in her heart that if she could just get close enough....if she couldn't touch His hand, or his leg....if she could just touch His clothing....she had the HOPE that this Man could heal her of this condition.  
As soon as she touched the "hem of His garment" her bleeding stopped and she knew she had been healed.  Jesus immediately realized that power had gone out from Him.  He turned around and asked who had touched Him.  His disciples thought he must be crazy to ask that question because there were so many people around.  But, then the woman came and fell at the feet of Jesus telling Him what she had done.   She was trembling and afraid at what had just happened.
Jesus told her,
"Daughter, your faith has made you well.  
Go in peace.
Your suffering is over."

I absolutely love this story.....and have several personal conclusions to share....

Often we wait until we're desperate to call on Jesus.....when He should be the first One we turn to no matter what the circumstance is. 

I love that this story of faith was about a woman....and that Jesus showed such compassion and love toward her.  It should give each of us ladies HOPE that He feels the same way about us, too.

No matter how many millions of people in the world who are calling out to God at the same time....He knows our voice....He's aware of us and knows our needs and hears us when we come humbly to Him in prayer.

This woman turned to Jesus to heal her of her of this terrible medical condition....and we turn to the shed blood of Jesus to heal us of our sins!!

Others will fail us....just as the doctors failed to find a cure for the woman's bleeding....but JESUS....will NEVER....EVER....fail us!!!

I heard this song one day last week.  It's a story about this woman of faith.  
I HOPE you enjoy it!!!

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In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. This is my most favorite story. I love it. I liked all your conclusions as always. You made some very good points.

  2. The Word for the day seems to be "Faith"...several blogs already that the LORD has led me to were about "faith" ...I cor 2:5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God."
    Thanks Deb for being "once again" that ready writer for the LORD to touch me this morning. Difficulities, changes, are once again at hand in my life...and I as the "woman with the issue of blood" ...if I can but touch the hem of His "Garment" I shall find virtue strength healing! Ya know Deb I once did a study on the "hem of his garment" and prayer shaws was something that was common for "men" to wear .. and on the hem of the garment was fringe and each fringe was a knot of 619 knots <(tzitziot> which represent the 613 commands < which was a way to get closer to God > through the
    < Torah> the study was of great magitutude for me ....so so much and it help me have more understanding and realilzation why she reached for the "fringe" of his hem ..which is where the Torah presentative was on the prayer shaw...of Deb it was absolutely eye opening..so much hidden in the Word of God and can only be found by those that hunger and thirst to know more about our Lord....love you big this morning for you post ...thank you thank you for obedience....Be blessed my dear friend!

  3. What a wonderful post. . .especially, how Jesus will never fail us!

  4. I can't help but think that this sweet woman just wanted to be healed and not draw attention to herself. Just touch Jesus' robe and disappear back into the crowd. Healed and faith-filled!

    Being a true follower of the Savior usually means proclaiming His word. This woman was given the chance to do this!

    It's women like you and others, that have chosen to share your miracles with the entire world!

  5. I have always liked this story. Isn't God's love amazing?!!


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