Monday, September 26, 2011

A Birthday Gift......

.....for one of the most precious people I know!!!

Our sweet daughter will be celebrating her birthday this week.  This is part of what I crocheted for her.  She's seen it "in progress", but not all put together.  

 This is the front of the pillow. 
It fascinates our youngest GRANDson  to watch me crochet!!!  
Do you know how difficult it is to crochet with a boy sitting on your lap "helping"?!?!
 The back!
I crocheted a "circle" and put it around a regular button and sewed it to the center of the front.

The front and back were sewn together....back to back....with a slip stitch around the edges.  The center is a piece of foam rubber!!!

HOPE Jess likes this part of her birthday gift!!!


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  1. That is just gorgeous...!

  2. Love this cute pillow. It is so colorful and cheerful. Can you share the pattern.



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