Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa, are you for real?...Part I

I shared with y'all that our daughter and son-in-law chose to tell our GRANDsons that there is no Santa.  Not everybody agrees with their choice....and some people give her a difficult time about it.....and as I shared, I have mixed feelings about it myself.  But....each child is different....and our GRANDsons demand to know the "truth", especially the oldest.  If you tell him something, even in jest....he will ask "do you promise?"....and his younger brother has started doing the same thing (monkey see, monkey do...;-)....but when asked "do you promise?"....just like Abe Lincoln, we "cannot tell a lie" it's much easier to be truthful with these little boys than to be deceitful, even about Santa!!! 

 With all that being said....remember, I told y'all that I ordered the  book by Harold Myra, "Santa Are You For Real?"  It came...and it's wonderful.  For those of you who have never read it....I  want to share it with you here on my blog.  Part I today...and Part II on Monday!!!

Twas the night before  CHRISTmas,
and out on the street,
a wee boy was standing,
big boots on his feet.

He stamped them and kicked them,
threw snow at a rock
to crowd out the songs
of the kids on the block.

"Hey, hey, hey," he heard them say,
"Santa's phony - all the way!
Hey! No way, a flying sleigh!"

Dad watched Todd come in,
saw his face all glum,
so he bent down and asked,
"What's the matter, old chum!"

"No Santa or reindeer will come to our place!
The chimney's too skinny.
He can't really fly.
He's not at the North Pole.  
It's all a big lie."

Dad reached for the boy,
pulled him tight to his side,
and kissed him and told him,
"Let's see, Todd, who's lied."

Saint Nicholas was a real person.  
He lived about 300 years after Jesus was born.
He loved Jesus very much.
One favorite story about him goes like this:

Nicholas loved to give gifts, especially to the poor.
Only he gave them secretly because he wasn't looking for thanks.
Nick knew a kind but poor man with three lovely daughters who all wanted to get married.  But in those days, a woman had to have money - a dowry - before a wedding could be announced.  When Nick heard about this, he put some money into a bag and, while it was dark, walked to their house.  He tossed the money into the oldest daughter's room, and it fell into a stocking hung there to dry.  Nick quietly left.  The oldest daughter had a marvelous wedding.  Later, on another night, Nick did the same thing for the second daughter.  But who had helped them?....they wondered.   One daughter was left.  Would someone give her a dowry, too?  Not too long after that, Nick sneaked up to her house and tossed in a third bag of gold.  But this time the father heard him!  Nick realized he had been seen and tried to dash away.  But the father ran and caught up with him.....

(to be continued!!!!)

HOPE you have a great weekend, Sweet Reader!!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Deb, I think this is great...wonderful story far!

  2. My daughter is struggling with this very issue. I will tell her about this book and this might help her make such an important decision. Thank you for the information.


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