Saturday, February 18, 2012

So very blessed!!!

I was almost hesitant to write this today because I was afraid that y'all would think I was putting way too much emphasis on "stuff".   Please know that's not my intention at all....but it's to brag on God and His goodness!!!   

While sitting at the  computer one day this week, I saw our mail carrier pull in the driveway and toot her horn.  I started racking my brain trying to think of something I had ordered.  I went to the door and there was a package and I immediately recognized the name in the return address.  It was my sweet blogging friend, Ms. Mary @ Visits With Mary.  I had no clue what it could be....but was overjoyed when I opened the box and found this.....

.....but that's not all....look at the back.....
Ms. Mary's sweet daughter, Ms. Tammy, did this especially for me
And....I don't even know her.  These are called "scripture bags", and Ms. Tammy hand-painted the limb and leaves and "my verse" on the back.
I can't even begin to explain how that touched me!!!
Thank you, Ms. Mary....and Ms. Tammy....from the bottom of my heart!!!

I had forgotten that I had signed up for a give-a-way at another precious blogging friend's blog....Ms. Becky @ Rise Above Your Limits.  I received an e-mail that I had won this e-book.....
Could I have won anything more appropriate since Pappy is currently unemployed?
Ms. Rosann's husband was without work for close to 3 years.  
Please pray Pappy finds a job sooner than that!!!!
You can find Ms. Rosann on Facebook @ Unemployed Faith!!!
Thank you, Ms. Becky and Ms. Rosann!!!

And....speaking of Ms. Becky....she's been supporting Wise Old Owl Designs by ordering several of my little owlies that I sew and crochet.  And....on top of that....this wonderful woman sent a generous donation to the adoption fund.
Isn't she amazing?
Ain't our GOD just AWESOME?!?!?

And....speaking of the fundraiser.
My back-door neighbor and friend, Ms. Jan called and asked me to meet her at the fence....that's our meeting place to chat!!!
(just call us Elviney and Loweezy....get it?!?!?)
Anyway....she had a donation to the fundraiser....and handed me this from behind her back....
She had seen on Facebook and on my blog how much I love to hear David Phelps sing!!
It's so wonderful to have great neighbors!!!
Thank you so much, Ms. Jan.
You're the best back-door friend and neighbor I could ever ask for!!!

And....speaking of neighbors....Ms. Nan is our front-door neighbor.
She sent me a private message on Facebook yesterday that she had a package for me hanging on her front door.  I strolled over there and here is what I found.....
My heart kinda skipped a beat....'cause I had just looked at this tote bag on-line at Target!!!
I adore it....especially the color.
I've already got a summer outfit picked out that it's gonna match perfectly!!!
Thank you, Ms. Nan....and Jeff and Kelly and baby Jocelyn!!!

And....speaking of totes....Jess had the opportunity to pick out a $25 product from Thirty-One and she didn't want she gave it to me!!!
Oh, wow....'cause I had just looked at those, too.
You see....I do a lot of "window-shopping", but don't purchase!!!'s what I got....and it's already loaded down with Bibles and study books....

And....speaking of Jess....she also stuck the sweetest card in our door on her way to work one morning this week....just 'cause she knew her Momma needed a bit of cheer!!!
Oh, how I love that girl!!!

On top of all of this....I received a message from a friend of Jess' that she is starting a magazine and asked if she could place an advertisement for Wise Old Owl Designs in it.
She refused to let me pay her the ad price!!!

I am truly one blessed woman.  By no means am I saying that I'm blessed more than anybody's just that I know in my heart that I don't deserve how good God is to me!!!

I know this post has been about "worldly things"....
....but don't you agree that ALL good things come from HIM?!?!?

Ezekiel 34:26
I will bless my people and their homes around my holy hill. 
And in the proper season I will send the showers they need. 
There will be showers of blessing.

Happy weekend to you, Sweet Reader!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Oh Deb it is beautiful...God is amazing isn't put it upon the hearts of others to bless his children....God is good!

  2. Seems to me this is more about blessings! Those who love and care about you have blessed you and every time you use one of theses gifts, or listen to the music or will be smiling because of the love that has been showered upon you! The love and joy you give to others is being returned! Praise God!!

  3. I love making these bags and I love that not only is the person receiving feeling blessed, but giving it makes me feel blessed and I so love how God works this out for us!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!! =)

  4. Hi Deb, So pleased you received so many blessings - Praise God.

  5. Deb, the light you shine on others is coming back to shine on you. It's all for God's glory!
    Hugs and Blessings to you dear blogger friend.


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24