Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conquering My Fears.....

.....and spilling my guts!!!

Remember the thing about being fearful most of my life?!?!?
Well....that included.....and PLEASE do not laugh at me.... included going thru a self check-out at the grocery store!!!
There....I said it....I've admitted's out in the open!!!

So....yesterday....since my fever had broken and I was feeling a bit spunkier than I had in several days....I ventured out.  First thing I did was get a hair cut....and let's just say I got my money's worth!!!   I may, or may not, share a picture with y'all....but needless to say it's SHORT!!!   Now, having my hair cut was probably one of my fears....not the shortness part....but actually going and getting it done.  You see....even though I can talk to y'all all day long on here....especially about JESUS....I'm not so good with one-on-one relationships.  I came to a realization about myself a few weeks ago that I hadn't really thought much about....but I really am an introvert!!!

And....I totally have to agree with the little sign above....'cause it is okay that I'm an introvert....'cause that's how God wired me!!!!  But....I actually carried on a very nice conversation with the girl who scalped me cut my hair. Pappy's request.....I went by Food City to pick up chicken tenders....and when I went to the check-out all 3 of the lines that were open were lined with people with their buggy's full.  So.....I eyed the self-check-out lanes....all were empty!!  Should I?  What if I mess up?   What if somebody laughs at the old woman with the scalped head.....oh, who cares!!!   So, I politely walked up to that little screen and went thru each little step....and left Food City feeling like a brand new woman!!!'s that for conquering my fears?!?!?

Now, I just gotta get up the nerve to share a pic of my scalped head!!!

So Deb can say with confidence,
"The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. 
What can mere people do to me?"
Hebrews 13:6

Deb prayed to the Lord and He answered her.
He freed her from all her fears.
Psalm 34:4

Hope  you have a wonderful Wednesday, Sweet Reader!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

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  1. Happy to hear your fever broke and you were well enough to get out side. My daughter is a stylist and she cuts my hair shorter than I want every single time! She listens to me then just does what she wants :) but I still love her!

    I have learned the feelings of an introvert and understand the need to not be around people or conversation at times from our youngest daughter. God made us each special and unique!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. And sister, Hair is hair! It will grow back! I love my short hair...and this is coming from a woman that for years had hair down to her waist! YEP! I would go shorter but I think I would shock my family! Ha! We all have fears of some kind or another and facing those fears...even the smallest of the small can be hard. Whether it be going through the self-check line or standing in front a crowd teaching! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I refuse to use those check outs too and find chit chat difficult sometimes.

    Can't wait to see the hairstyle

  4. Good for you! I totally understand your fearful feelings in certain situations. I hope you did a Happy Dance with all you accomplished yesterday!

  5. You are such a brave woman. Self checkout can be a bit unnerving...never sure if it's going to work or not! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  6. I am here from Internet Cafe Devotions.
    What a wonderful testimony! Sounds like you have a beautiful heart that God has big plans for! :) I can certainly relate to your fears and will share with you that several years ago when I was so afraid to fly in airplane for a job event that I was going to quit my job, God gave me your verse of Ps. 34:4. I claimed that verse and I did not quit my job, I went on the trip and I had SO much peace because I knew God was with me...every bit of the way! Our God is SO awesome!!! Trust Him and he can do anything. :) I will be needing that verse again next week as I will be trusting Him with another big step in my life. {Would LOVE prayers}
    Also, my daughter loves that quote!!
    Blessings, Lisa

    Keep trusting and following Him! :)

  7. Hiya mate, so glad you are on the mend, its awful feeling ill. I prefer to be at home and away from people. I worked in the public sector for so long, its a joy just to not have everyone calling my name. As well as that, you get hostility from some, others look down their noses and still others only talk to you when they want something. I feel happier talking to my dogs, they love and accept you no matter what.. xxx

  8. Glad you feel better, bless you dear.

  9. AND I was fully expecting to see as I scrolled down a scalped head......wink wink

  10. Yes, the one thing about hair is that it will grow back.

    Conquering a fear is so empowering! The next fear will be a little easier to overcome.

    I like how you put your name in the scriptures you shared. That's a great way to personalize scripture.

    God bless!

  11. Hi there - thank you for linking up on Winsome Wednesday. i am so glad you did because now I've found your wonderful blog. Look forward to visiting here more often. God bless and hope to see you there next week :)

  12. This is so funny and so real! Which I love and I went through the self check today too! I was so proud of me but I did have to ask for help at one point. Have a wonderful day!

  13. How funny! I also will not go through the self service check out. I'm sure some buzzer will go off and everyone will look at me.

    I'm also an introvert. I wonder how many bloggers are introverts. This is a good media for us, isn't it?


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24