Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fashion Show Fundraiser!!

Yesterday was the Fashion Show held at our church to raise money for an upcoming mission trip to Guatemala.  I think there were close to 225 women there and the tables were all decorated so pretty and springy!!!  Ms. Judy Gardner Howell was the emcee of the show and she kindly brought a lot of her fashions from her shop, The Silk Purse, along with some ladies who model for her.  The highlight for me was seeing several of the ladies from our church model the clothing.....especially some of the older ladies who looked so very stylish!!!  We had such a good time....and I got an extra surprise when Jess decided to let me know at the last minute she was going to tag along with me!!!

I didn't get pictures of all the tables, but here is the table that my friend, Ms. Ruby, invited us to sit at.  She chose the colors for her table to coordinate with the hat and scarf that I crocheted for the fundraiser!!!  She's a sweetheart....and you even get to see my short....short haircut!!!

 Our pretty purple table....
....of course, purple is my favorite color in case y'all didn't already know that!!!
(and that's Ms. Judy with her upper half cut off...;-)
 Ms. Ruby made the most awesome homemade candy you've ever put in your mouth.  She had two full boxes just like this one that were auctioned off.  As a favor to each of her guests, she had individual boxes of the candy tied up in purple ribbons....and it was delicious....and didn't last long!!!
 My crocheted hat and scarf....displayed on the brand new "head" that hubby bought me. 
 Isn't she gorgeous?!?!?

 Another view!!!
 Up close and personal view of Ms. Ruby's candy.....this stuff just melted in our mouths!!!
 This was the cupcake  table....didn't get a picture of the "main course" table which was the most amazing salad bar you've ever seen!!!
And, this is me with my precious friend, Ms. Ruby.  When we first started going to our new church, she and her husband Mr. Don were one of the first to make us feel so welcome and at home.  She's such a wonderful CHRISTian lady and I am so proud to call her my friend!!!
(see, I told you the hair is S-H-O-R-T!!!)
(....and I promise the shirt underneath all that black was PURPLE.... just doesn't show in the pic!!!)




  1. Fun! Love how it all fit together! =)

  2. Look like it was fun!!! Like the butterflies I see. I do like your hat and the head.


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