Friday, April 27, 2012

The Color Purple!!!

If you ask our GRANDsons what Nannie's favorite color is....they'll immediately tell you PURPLE!!! 
 I all things PURPLE!  

Check out my board on Pinterest.....

And....I just discovered....
An entire web-site just for me!!!
(well, and other purple lovers!)

Here are just a few of my favorite purple things....

Purple flowers...

purple bicycle

Purple M & M's!!!

Pretty girl in purple


Love this purple jacket

Purple Wedding Cake

love the colors!

Fields of Lavender

Beautiful Foxglove

purple lightning


Purple Owl cupcakes....AWESOME!!!




  1. Your purple pictures are so coooool! I ♥ purple too. CL has consented to let me decorate our new bathroom in purple...using lilacs of course! Close to where we used to live they had lavender fields for essential oils. There were miles and miles of sweet smelling purple!

  2. One more quick note...last night CL and I went grocery shopping and I saw a 'purple'. I took a photo of it and will send it to you when I get a moment...I think you'll ♥ this purple!

  3. Purple is my favorite color, and you can tell by my wardrobe. Thank you for visiting Tell me a Story, please return often!!!


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