Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch!!!

Ms. Patrice @ Everyday Ruralty is doing something a bit different today, and I wanted to join in. If we want, we can answer each question with a here goes!!!

1.  What do your everyday dishes look like?
I found them first at Target, but couldn't/wouldn't pay the price....later on got them at the local flea market!!!
2.  What shoes are you likely to throw on in a pinch right now?  "Go to" shoes.
These shoes are actually black....but show up just plain dirty in the picture.  I might have to re-think my "go to" shoes!!!

3.  What's the last gift you were given?
I was my little owlie from my best friend, Ms. Dawn!!!  Isn't he adorable?!?!?
4.  The first face you saw this morning was.....
This handsome man!!!
5.  What cup or mug are you most likely to grab for your tea or coffee?
What's your "cuppa" cup?
Hubby bought me this "Mr. Coffee" mug at Wally World around CHRISTmas-time....
....and I it!!
So....that's that about that!!!

Thanks so much, Ms. Patrice, for letting me join.  HOPE Mr. Wendell gets better really soon!!!




  1. Hi, I think you're the one who commented on my blog, but just before I wanted to reply, I deleted your comment (not on purpose, of course :-) ). Thanks for visiting my blog! I really love your african flower bag!

    Liz (

  2. Love that mug! Wish we did live close - I'd buy those snowman dishes from you!

  3. You do have fruit on your plates! I like yours too! And I love that picture! All that happiness just made me smile!

  4. I like the plates. Both of my sets came from either a thrift shop or a yard sale. The shoes look comfy. The owl is adorable! I'm with Empty Nester- I love the picture Have a great week!

  5. Love that Hootie Owl :o) Your blog is too cute...I'm your latest follower. Have a blessed week


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