Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch!!

Everyday Ruralty
Ms. Patrice says that Wendell is worn out from all the partying and dancing from last week!!!
Oh, what a great time I had....and was so blessed to win one of your give-a-ways, my friend!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Here are this week's burning questions!!!

Do you have any special plans for this fall?
Our HOPE is that our new GRANDbaby(ies) will be arriving from Uganda this fall and I'm sure once that happens everything else will take the back burner!!!

Do you collect anything?
Over the years, I've gone thru lots of phases in collecting.  I do have a lot of owls (imagine that...:-) and I also have quite a collection of nativities.  I heard that at the market in Uganda they have beautiful nativities very reasonably priced....HOPE to be able to add one of those to my collection....soon!!!

Have you done any canning or freezing this season?
None at all.  
We only have a very small garden patch, just to eat out of.  We've been blessed with maters this year, though, so I'm blessing our neighbors with them, too!!!

Do you have a friend who lives far away?  
Where do they live?
My two besties (besides my hubby and daughter) live about 2 hours away.  They don't know each other but live only about 3 miles apart.  Isn't that odd?!?!?

When in a store, restaurant, or other business, do you ever complain or praise to the management?
I rarely ever complain, except to my hubby, if I don't like the service I get. But, if somebody just seems to be so happy and pleasant and kind and goes above and beyond, I seek out the manager and give them praise.  This happened once at our local Wal-Mart and when I told the manager, he said he would tell it in the next employee meeting.  I HOPE it didn't embarrass the young man, but he was exceptionally helpful!!!

So....that's that about that!!!

Thanks, Ms. Patrice for being such a wonderful gracious hostess....and friend!!!




    1. Sorry I forgot the linky when I posted. It's up now if you'd like to link. Sorry for any inconvenience.:)

    2. Your fall this year is going to be so special !!
      I'm so excited for you !

    3. New grandbabies- how exciting! My friend's mom collects Nativities and has over a hundred. She has a big display every December. She says that with that many all over the place, there is no room for a secular Christmas. :) Have a Wendell week!

    4. Well new grandchildren will certainly make this Fall special. I'm shocked you have a collection of owls.....LOL

    5. I love Nativities too, I have about 8 of them I think. They are just so beautiful. New grandbabies, how exciting! That is something to look forward to! Have a blessed week.

    6. I only got to put up a few jars of spaghetti sauce- our garden is just too small too. I have 27 nativity sets. And way more Santas. My mother started this when I got married and she will not stop. ARGH! My house is too little for all of this! LOL


    Kind words are like honey—
    sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
    Proverbs 16:24