Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It all started....

....with a freebie!!

We recently had a yard sale and our daughter had a skirt that didn't sell so she gave it to me.  I didn't want it to wear, but to make something out of, although I wasn't sure what at the time.  
It's 100% linen and I really liked the ruffle and tucks across the bottom.  I had a light bulb moment yesterday while I had the sewing machine out doing some mending.  I'm getting kinda tired of the very heavy and dark window treatments in our house and want to do something different....but on the cheap!!!

So....I simply cut the skirt almost in half and hemmed the top and sides....used clips to hang it....and now have a much lighter and airy topper for the window in our bedroom....



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  1. I love to re-cycle like that...your NEW curtain looks great!


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