Friday, July 6, 2012


I received an e-mail yesterday and the title of it was "Six Months To CHRISTmas" (emphasis on CHRIST is mine!!!).  It got me to thinking that in the next six months I sure HOPE things head in a totally different direction in our lives!!!  One of our greatest HOPEs is that we'll have a brand new GRANDbaby....or CHRISTmas!!!  Several of you have asked about the status of the adoption....and about all I can tell you is it's been a very....very....hurry up and wait process!!!   Our kiddos are getting anxious....they already have a little girl's room (not sure if girl is gonna be singular, or plural....I'm hoping plural....even twins!!!)  
What a happy, happy Nannie I'll be if we get twin girls!!!

Of course, I'm gonna be a happy, happy Nannie no matter what....
....'cause I already am!!!

Some have wondered how in the world I can have such a positive outlook with so much going on in our lives.....job loss....tight, tight problems  of family members.  I can sum it up in one of the most important words in the life of a CHRISTian....JESUS!!!
I put my faith, HOPE, and trust in.....HIM!!!

Yesterday, as we waited on Mom to get thru the EGD, I worked on a couple of Bible study lessons....and would you believe that both of them....talked about PEACE....and HOPE?!?!?

Was that a coincidence?
I think not!!

I don't believe in those things.
I do believe wholeheartedly in Godincidences!

God knew I needed to read scripture about those topics right at that particular time!!!   Plus....when we got back to the recovery, a friend of ours who is a nurse had just started working there 3 weeks ago!!!  What a sweet blessing she was to come and give Pappy and me hugs and do a bit of explaining about what could be going on with Mom (by the way....tests were all negative!!!)

Our God is oh, so good!!!
I'm so blessed.

Thank you, precious Lord, for Your Peace, Your Love...
....and the gift of Your SON!!!
Hope each of you has a great weekend!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

Beholding Glory


  1. Thank you for this moving testimony! for me it is an encouragement thing to read about your life and what Jesus does. What part ( role) he plays in the lives of others.
    Big hug/knuffletje

  2. What a wonderful and very heart touching post today Debbie. So glad to hear results on your mom was negative. PEACE...awe yes...PEACE! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. What wonderful thoughts. He always seems to put the right things in front of you at the right time. Love that. Glad your mom's test came out okay.

  4. Beautiful post. He is ever faithful to take care of His children.

  5. Oh, Debra! Your words were like a cool summer rain on a hot July day. Your joy, like a bubbling brook bringing refreshment and rejuvenation. Our God is so good...and the heart that knows this and trusts in this, is a happy heart indeed.

    Thank you for the blessing I received here today~

  6. God is good! thank you for sharing this inspiring post. this verse form philippians is one of my favorites and i have experienced this peace beyond understanding during my most difficult trial. hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  7. This was a wonderful, encoraging post for me today ~ don't you just love it when God puts His word before us in many ways and at many times?! Your happy heart is a true testimony of His goodness and love.

  8. Good morning, Deb!

    Your heart of trusting and hope is most encouraging and your happy attitude is delightful! What anticipation waiting on a new grandbaby(s)! Happy to hear of the good test results for your mom! :)

    A joy that you shared on Think on These Things!
    Kindly, Lorraine


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24