Monday, July 16, 2012

Sweet Dreams!!!

I heard a minister say once that sometimes God works things out for us in our dreams.  I know that's true....and here's why!!!

Some time this year, our small group leader came up to Pappy and me after church one SONday night and said he needed to tell us something that he felt God had spoke to his heart.  He said he felt that Jack  (Pappy) was being led into some kind of ministry.  He had no clue what, but felt he needed to share that with forward a couple of months.....

Our Pastor announced a couple of months ago....right before Vacation Bible School....that men were needed to help with the "Special Friends" during our VBS.  I heard him say it, but didn't think much about it.  After church, Pappy asked me to sit down....this was before we even left our pew.  I thought to myself "oh no, what now?".   Pappy told me he had a dream the night before....and in the dream God had asked him to work with those with special needs.  He said he asked God to give him a sign if it was really Him talking.  I said, "well, did you just hear what Pastor Bruce said?".....well, duh, Deb....that's why he was sitting you down to tell you this!!!

The Special Friends are a wonderful ministry in our church.  They do skits and sometimes are asked by area churches to come and perform.  I've only been privileged to watch them once and it was one of the most touching drama performances I've ever seen.  Not only did Pappy help out with the group during VBS.....he has been asked to fill in for the man who had been playing Jesus in the dramas due to some health issues that his daughter is having.  She is also a member of Special Friends.  Their first performance will be in August at our church, then they will be visiting a local church to perform there, too.  If you're local and would like to visit to see this performance, just leave me a comment, or send an e-mail, and as soon as I find out the time, I'll let you know!!!

Please keep Pappy in your prayers as he follows God's direction!!!

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Sweet Dreams, Sweet Readers!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. I love this story. That would be my dream job. I love working with special needs people. Wish I lived close by so I could see this.

  2. Ditto Karens comment. Special needs people are such choice spirits of God. Pappy will never be the same.


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