Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lord's Table!!!

  One of the things that both our SONday school teacher and our pastor do is encourage us to be transparent.  That's something that is often difficult for us to do....okay, for me to do....because it means exposing so many of my faults and shortcomings.  

Please know that this isn't turning into a weight loss blog....but since God has asked me to write this blog for HIM....and HIS glory....then, I feel I have to share the things going on in my own life that I struggle with. of my greatest struggles is with my weight!!!  A couple of years ago, I lost around 60 pounds....but I did not do it in a healthy manner.  At the time, I didn't see what was wrong with going totally cold turkey with carbs and cutting my caloric intake way too low for a woman my age....but the weight came off very quickly and I was a happy camper....until I started adding those carbs back into my diet....and my Mom had a heart attack....and my husband lost his job....and I discovered natural peanut butter with honey.....and, and, and.....I could make a list as long as my arm full of excuses....but the one to blame is myself....and once again listening to the lies of Satan convincing me that I "deserved" to overeat because I was tired, stressed, etc....and that was going to make me feel better.  Maybe in the moment it did satisfy a craving....but in the long run as I gained back 30 lbs (being transparent, Sweet Readers)....the satisfaction of whatever I thought I deserved at the time was so not worth it!!!

After my post about Gluten vs. Glutton on Tuesday, I received an e-mail from Setting Captives Free.  I had completely forgotten about going thru several of the on-line courses they offer, including The Lord's Table.   This is a study that could be deemed as a "weight loss program"....but it's really much more than that.  I went thru this study several years ago with one of my very closest friends at the time and we both gleaned so much from it.  We were each other's accountability partner and were totally open and honest with each other about our other words, we were TRANSPARENT with one another!!!   I couldn't help but think of her when I signed up to do this 60-day course once again.  I sincerely HOPE that she was able to keep on track and didn't "fall off the wagon" like I have.  I know that it was an "it's not odd, it's God" thing that the e-mail arrived just as I was being convicted of my horrible eating habits and lack of exercise.  

Once again, I'll be going thru this program with my best friend.....
And, I'm going to allow the Holy Spirit to keep me accountable!!!

I Corinthians 6:19-20
 Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, 
who lives in you and was given to you by God? 
You do not belong to yourself, 
for God bought you with a high price. 
So you must honor God with your body.

This little sign came from Hobby Lobby and hangs on the china hutch in our dining room and I've passed by it hundreds of times....but it really gained a whole new meaning for me recently!!!

If any of you have some of the same struggles, then please click on the link for The Lord's Table and check it out....
.....what have you "got to loose"!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. How delightful to hear of your decision and the timing of the email for you! I'm on the journey (again) also.

  2. Hi Debs,

    When you like food, it is difficult, I too have a problem, have lost a few pounds, doctor's orders re: high blood pressure. In this time of stress all around me, sometimes I have again sought comfort food, but not so much as one time.

    With the Lord nothing is impossible, is what I keep reminding myself.

    Take Care, may you have a blessed peaceful joyful weekend.

  3. I was always a skinny minny and never dieted. Now, I'm certainly not skinny and do need to lose some weight. My problem is motivation, I just don't have it when it comes to dieting. I'm certainly going to check out The Lord's Table, maybe it will help me.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24