Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's a jungle out there!!!

I can't help but smile at the title of this post....
....'cause Pappy and my Momma both love to watch "Monk"!!!
That has absolutely nothing to do with what this post is about, though!!!

Do y'all have Groupon....or Deal Chicken in your neck of the woods?
Sometimes, you can find some awesome deals on there.
That's how I got a pass for 4 people to go to Circle G Ranch for only $16!!!
It's a 3 mile drive-thru (over some very rocky terrain) and you can buy buckets of feed for the animals.....that's why they get so close to the car.  
And....3 of those 4 people happened to be my 3 favorite fellows..... are some of the animals we saw.....

This poor zebra followed us for about the first mile....we had to roll up the window 'cause he kept sticking his head in the to have scared me to death the first time he did it!!!
But....isn't he beautiful?!?!?

 There were pigs.....everywhere!!!
Sawyer loved the ducks standing on their heads in the water.......

 This cow wanted in our car, too!!!

Poor pitiful pig.....
 A stately beast!!!
 Not their best side, but this was the best I could get of the new baby zebra!!!
 Sorry this pic is a bit blurry!!!

(sorry....couldn't resist....I the Llama Llama books!!!)

This camel was soooo friendly!!!
And....the turtles are from Africa....
....which we loved since our baby girl is from Uganda!!!
Isn't this rooster gorgeous?
He had the run of the barnyard!!!
Camels to be someone other than me!!!
ha! ha!
 Francis and his friend!!!
 None of us look very happy, do we?!?
I think it was because it takes Pappy 4-ever to take a picture!!!
Hey....did you notice what's on my shirt?!?!?
I HOPE they didn't have him caged up trying to fatten him up for THANKSgiving!!!
 Sleeping wallabees!!!
Not sure what they were talking about!!!
 A cute sign.....
He was a bit timid....but he finally did touch the goat....and so did Nannie!!!
Nannie....goat....get it?!?!?

 I don't know what this Momma bird was, but we saw her as we were leaving.
Look closely at the very bottom of the pic for a couple of her babies!!!
Sam told us while we were driving thru "this is the best day".
Although, he doesn't look quite that way in this pic, huh?!?!?

 We spending time with our boys and God is so good to allow us time to do just that!!!  
And....just think....we'll have a little girl to take with us next year!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


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  1. How cool. What a great place to visit. Looks like you guys really had a fun day, despite the various expressions. I can tell it was a bright day, too. Gotta love those group on deals. What a great value. Thanks for sharing. Beth

  2. What a wonderful place to take the kids...great that zebra close up!

  3. Hello Nannie Goat ! teehee....loved all the pictures, I felt like I was with y'all !! {{hugs))

  4. Great photos. Your GRANDsons have the funnest nana. That poor belly pig looked quite heavy dragging it's belly around. Upsidedown ducks always give me a chuckle. We have to travel too far to use Groupon. boohoo

  5. How great that you preserved those memories with fun photos! Thank you for visiting and following me through the Hop...I'm happily following you back :)

  6. This pictures were a great share even the hubs enjoyed looking at them with me and he never looks at my blog buddies posts hmmm I think your on to something it is animals that hold his attention at recipes or mommy tips LOL thanks Debbie mystery finally solved ;0

  7. a wonderful adventure and fun way to make memories. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

  8. Looks to be a fine day with your lil' men and your big man too! Thanks so much for sharing at Rural Thursdays, Deb. :)


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