Thursday, January 17, 2013

The last 5 weeks!!!

Since 12-12-12, the date our kids left for Uganda, you might wonder what I've done!!!  Well, let's just say I've done a whole lot of praying!!!  
(and I'm not trying in any way to indicate that I'm an angel.... far from it!!!)

Along with that, I've shoveled a lot of poop....taken care of a 150 pound black lab and about an 8 pound kitty cat (she's so precious)....and 6 chickens!!!  I'm not sure how many miles I've logged on Izzy, some days making two trips back and forth to their home and spending some nights there.  I've come to the conclusion that I want chickens.  I love fresh eggs!!!  Also, when our kids get home, their house will be clean from the windows to the refrigerator!!!  I went for an appointment with Ms. Lori yesterday and one of the first things she said was, "you look tired".

Well, that could very well be because.....!!!

Anyway....I wanted to share with y'all Miss Ruby Kate's (our grand-daughter) room.  Jess had most of it ready for her already.   I made the curtains and they were just about the death of me with all those ruffles.  I told somebody I think God was waiting on me to get them finished before He brought them home.....I so wish I had worked harder!!!

 A little blurry....sorry.
Jess made the rug.
 I did the curtains and also the flowered pillow shams on the bed!

The curtains took about FOUR spools of thread...some of them partial spools, though!!!

Jess painted this chest.  
It has "chicken wire" on the doors and she's attached her hair flowers to it!

A little place to have a tea party and play dress up.
I like that Jess placed the mirror low so Ruby Kate can see herself in the mirror!

Jess did all of these, even painting all the frames.
One of my favorites is on the lower right.
It's my favorite verse....Jeremiah 29:11!!!

hope how soon I can share a picture of our sweet girl's face....
....along with her big brothers!!!

I've missed those little fellows so much and I knew I would.
But....I think it's their Momma I've missed the most!!!

Thanks to all of your for your e-mails and comments and encouragement....
....but most of all for your precious prayers!!!

In HIS Most Precious Lve....and with mine, too!!!



  1. Looks adorable! Nothing like a grandma's lov9og ouch!



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  2. Beautiful room for a beautiful little girl! My goodness, I love that room, cozy and sweet!

  3. Beautiful room for a beautiful little girl. My goodness that's a pretty room, sweet and cozy!

  4. That room is so nice. You both did a great job. Can't wait to see Ruby. I hope they come home soon.

  5. It is so adorable and girly. Can't wait for pics of your first tea party with your new granddaughter.

  6. What a sweet little girl's room! The curtains are lovely! Oh, Deb... I love my chickens (aka: the girls)! I highly recommend keeping a few.

  7. I can see lots of love in her bedroom. The Lord is blessing your family with an abundance of blessings! I'm grateful I can share in it by reading your updates!

  8. The room is so precious. Little Ruby will be quite overwhelmed, I suspect. So much love is apparent in all the unique and special "touches". Hope you can catch your breath and rest even just a little before you meet Ruby.

  9. The room is adorable, You and your daughter should become an interior designing team! I hope your kids get home safely soon!!

  10. Soon! Very,very soon! :) Blessings to all.

  11. This reminds me of my room with all the little rustic touches!
    It is SO beautiful and you did a wonderful job with the curtains!
    She will be running around in there so soon!

  12. Hey! Isn't it your birthday?


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