Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's been happening..... my neck of the woods!!

Ruby Kate at the airport 1-18-13, Dove on the porch railing, Ice Storm 1-25-13, Sky 1-24-13,
 Cardinal in ice storm 1-25-13, Snow 1-17-13, Pappy and Sawyer at airport 1-18-13,  Ice Storm 1-25-13
Birds on Parking Sign at McDonald's, Sunset 1-24-13, Doves on porch, Bird Feeder
Birds at Feeder, Nannie and Sam at airport 1-18-13, Ice Storm 1-25-13, Ice on Bird Feeder 1-25-13

Do y'all think Sawyer was a little bit happy to see his Pappy?!?!

In HIS Most Precious Lve....and with mine, too!!!



  1. I love this lay out. I am planning to make the boys a special frame for V-day. I want to get each them their own personal multi -frame with picture growing up from mostly my snapshot I have taken over year looking for a deal on the frames. Most likely go with the one I found at WallyWorld.

  2. O, I love your pics in this lay-out. Rube is such a lovely girl to see. And ice-storm ... cold!
    Here its snowing now here.

  3. Great collage!Ruby has such expressive eyes.

  4. Great way to share lots of pictures. Things sure are busy around there, you have many blessing.


  5. Love the collage, I think 2 little boys were happy to see their Nannie and Pappy!

  6. I am a new follower, and hope you will join me too. Your blog is inspiring!

  7. So precious. And I would say that Pappy was just as happy to see his GRANDS!

  8. The dove is a symbol of peace, it is no accident that it was there to share in the peace your family feels having little Ruby Kate safe at home. HUGS


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