Thursday, August 15, 2013

Justice for all?

I don't think I've ever posted anything like this....
and I'm not really sure why God is prompting me to do it now.

It doesn't matter if you like Glenn Beck, or not.....
that's not the point of this post.

I never want to downplay death in any way....
and I feel so sorry for the family of Trayvon Martin.
But was his death any more tragic, or important than the violent deaths of these two young "white" people?  Where was Oprah and President Obama and all the others who speak out against violence against blacks when this happened?  For that matter, who even cares what Oprah thinks about anything 'cause if you'll remember, she thinks we can "save ourselves", that we don't need God for that!  
What arrogance!!!

This tragedy took place in Knoxville, Tennessee, just down the road from where we live.  We've listened to newscasts and live updates and live coverage on our local television stations since this happened and it went to trial.  I cannot even begin to imagine the horror and sorrow and whatever hell on earth that the parents of these two young people continue to suffer every single day since that happened 6 years ago.  

Is there truly justice in this country....
for all?

 Galatians 3:28
There is neither Jew nor Greek,
there is neither slave nor free,
there is no male and female,
for you all are one in Christ Jesus.

Romans 12:19
Dear friends, never take revenge. 
Leave that to the righteous anger of God.
 For the Scriptures say,
"I will take revenge;
I will pay them back,”
says the Lord.

In HIS Most Precious Lve....and with mine, too!!!



  1. I have been thinking a lot about that particular case, and other instances of injustice as well. It makes me angry, and it makes me want to rattle cages, but every-time I start feeling that "throbbing vein in my temple (you know, the one), I hear the Small Still Voice reminding me "This world will always be unjust, Not until I come back." And then, He focuses my my attention to a bigger injustices, that go unnoticed.Beyond the publicized atrocities, beyond the media that swarm like locusts on a carcass, beyond our TV sets and RSS feed. The kind of injustices that are hidden away in the shacks of faraway countries, in institutions, in broken homes, in the garbage dumps, filled with kids rummaging for food. In no way does that minimize the horror and pain of all that suffered and were not named, but there is so much more. There is so much injustice that goes unnoticed because its not flashy, its not graphic enough to make a buck on, but it's someone's life's suffering.

    And then, He reminds me of His injustice. His Perfect Injustice. We, humans, who deserve nothing but Hell for our depravity, were given forgiveness instead. We, who deserve shame, were given His Glory instead. We, who deserve absolutely nothing - were given everything.
    My anger won't bring back the slain, or erase the torture. But I have to believe that nothing goes unseen by the One True Judge. All will be known. All will be weighed. And All will be counted. And the judgement will be dispensed.
    I will pray for your heart's comfort. There are days, that I just have to close my eyes and simply let the anger dissipate and remind myself - this is not our home. This is a battlefield.
    -Good bless.

  2. Where's the equality is all I have to say. The Newsom/Christians case did not get the media attention as Treyvon Martin. Two white adults (victims) struck down in the prime of their life and Martin (criminal) who was killed by the man he attacked. In our society, the media down plays the good and up holds the evil. You can't make sense of it because liberalism really is a mental disorder. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who suffer from this disease.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24