Friday, November 8, 2013


Hey, Friends!!!

I've got a question for y'all.
But, first let me explain myself a little.
You see....I'm basically an "all or nothing" type person. 
I don't know what personality that fits into, 
but if I'm gonna do something I usually take it to an extreme.....
either way, good or bad 
(hence the fifty extra pounds I'm carrying around)

Okay, I digress....
on to my burning question!

How do you feel about Facebook?
I've deleted my account in the past for personal reasons.
I'll admit that I've even blocked people before 
(for the record, NOBODY is blocked now).
See what I mean.....
all or nothing!!!

Anyway....what's your personal opinions about FB?!?!?
Give it to me straight.....
and tell me why you like, or dislike it?!?!?

Thanks, sweet readers!!!

Breathing in Jesus,



  1. Facebook? When I went back on facebook this last time (for the third time) I made some decisions. One was to set my privacy settings to what some may call "extreme". While I realize that facebook is a part of "social" media, I do prefer to be in control (as much as possible) of who I "socialize" with. I have within the lat 3-4 months reduced greatly my picture albums...and removed all pictures of my grandkids...and myself. And I seldom put status updates up anymore unless it is requesting prayer for someone or a wonderful blessing from the Lord. There are people I would probably never hear from if it weren't for the convenience of facebook. I recently received, as I am sure you did, this notice from facebook a few days ago that they are about to once again strip away another area to make it harder for us to control who sees the content of our timelines. Any one can now type in our names in the search box and find us...but they are telling us we can still control who sees what we put out there by the way we have our privacy settings checked. I imagine in time that bit of control will be taken away as well. That will be the point at which I will delete my account.

    Please keep in mind, Deb, that this is just how I feel.

  2. I'm OK with it. Thankful for it even!

  3. It's a love-hate thing for me. I love being able to 'keep up' with family who live so far away, but sometimes I think there is 'too much' keeping up. I find myself sometimes irritated at some of their posts and start feeling jealous because I"m not 'there' with them. I have renewed lots of relationships: some are dear, some were better left alone. I have had to block a couple people. I find I spend way too much time there.... I tell myself I can take it or leave it, but I can't. I have deactivated several times. The longest I have been able to stay away was about 3 weeks. (I got so much done in those 3 weeks!!) I think it clutters my brain with too much info...things I don't need to know and makes me think about people I wouldnt' have to think about, if I didn't have FB. So, like I said, it's a love-hate thing for me. (sounds like more hate, doesn't it???LOL)

  4. I agree with the above commentor. I have a love- hate relationship with it. I like to be in contact with folks I haven't seen in a while, but if being in contact doesn't happen any other way then maybe I'm placing too much importance on it. I am so sick of all the little dribble that people share. Face it- I don't care what someone has for breakfast!! My brain may just rot from all of the coupon and sale bloggers that I have liked to enter in contests. I will soon go through and give all of them a farewell. I like to be able to see what my family is doing on line. I have two kids on FB and I care what they do and who they know. I have my privacy setting up on FB, but they keep changing things, so you never really know what happens on there. With the recent NSA case and the concept of spying on Americans, I think FB is a great way to give away all your privacy in one fell swoop! If I were in a personnel position, I would use it as an effective tool to check out potential employees. Don't know about all this computer stuff. I think it has all created an impatient society. We used to be able to wait to get a letter back. We used to be able to wait until someone called us back. Having to be in touch 24/7 can't be healthy. Just saying...

  5. I like it. I like knowing what other people are up to and I like the inspirational things that some of my friends post.

  6. I like it. I enjoy staying connected with some friends and family that I might not otherwise be able to hear from. I also love it when we get comments going back and forth that are hilarious. It can be so much fun.

  7. I like it. I am just picky about who I am friends with. Post vulgarity and cuss a lot and you are out of there I don't care who it is. But I would keep it for one reason if nothing else right now. I was up at 5:00 Saturday morning and my chat box popped up. It was my nephew, Jake, who is in the Marines in Afghanistan. I haven't heard from him since he was deployed this past summer. We chatted on an off for about 2 hours. I was even able to get mom on the phone and she would tell me what to say/ask him from her and he would answer. Words cannot describe how blessed I was to be able to have some an awesome start to my morning thanks to Facebook. It made my day and my Mom's day. We now know he is doing well and he is content with his choice to serve his country. And we now know he needs Funyons and Doritoes so I guess a care package will be going out this week.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24