Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fotos.....

My week in pics.....

RK loved her little stove.
I think her apron might be a tad big though!!!

We got snow Sunday night and Monday!!!

I get so much joy out of watching the birdies.....
especially the cardinals!
(yes, my candles are still in the windows.....
don't think I'm gonna store them away this year)

I painted the inside of our front door.....

Tuesday morning....
it was actually "0" the first time I checked.

I decided to paint the inside of our back door, too.
It's not the same paint color as the front, but it sure looks like it, huh?!??!

And, I painted a little table that I've been putting off painting FOREVER!!
I'm the world's greatest procrastinator!!!
Still gotta stain the top.

Wednesday morning, it had warmed up to SEVEN degrees.....

Filled up the bird feeder.....AGAIN!!!
Those little creatures are hungry!!!

I also cleaned my craft room because it had  gotten out of hand.....AGAIN!!!
No pics....but I did discover there's still a floor in there!!!

How 'bout y'all?!?!?

Did you have a good week?!?

Breathing in Jesus,



  1. Ruby Kate seemed to be having a fun time! Loved the pictures. Happy Friday!

  2. Love the pic's.... the snow is beautiful. And I think the stove was a 'hit'.

  3. RK has the prettiest smile and the cutest dimples!! What little girl wouldn't love that gift? Good job with the painting. The doors and the table look great!! God bless!

  4. She looks so happy with her new stove! I loved the snow. I cleaned my craft closet last week, too...AGAIN. It seems like I spend more time organizing my craft room than actually working in it. What color are you doing the top of your table? I have that same table and have had it for years. It is dark and I don't like it that well so it is stuck in a corner. I am going to get it out and refinish it now. You have inspired me.

  5. I enjoy watching the birds eat at the feeders also, Deb. Our temperature on Tuesday morning was -9 F with the windchill factor of -31 F. Needless to say, we stayed indoors that day. :) I love the look of joy on RK's face as she plays with her kitchen! Those dimples of hers are so endearing! Have a wonderful week, my friend!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24