Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My love of cardinals.....

I've shared with y'all in the past about how much I absolutely adore cardinals.
(and owls,  but that's a story for another day)
For anybody new to my blog, 
I've shared before that when I see one of those beautiful birds,
I feel it's God saying to me, 
"I love you".

One day recently, I was taking Mom for a doctor's appointment.....
and I saw 3.....
at different times.....
either fly across in front of the car, 
or they were along the side of the road.

Then, the next morning, just as I stepped into our sun room,
I saw both a male and female flying toward the gutter on the end of the house.
Now isn't that totally a God-thing that He would send all those cardinals around the car and toward the house at just the right time for me to see them?!?!

God must have thought I needed a bit of extra lovin' those days!!!

How 'bout you?
Is there a certain something that just makes you smile,
knowing that God's showing you a little bit of extra attention?

Breathing in His grace.....



  1. Good Morning Deb,
    This is such a beautiful post. Dragonflies for me. My grandmother was very religious, we both shared a love for dragonflies. After she passed I noticed them in abundances around my home. And they're so friendly, very attracted to my son. They actually land on him, he's held several in his hands, on his fingertips, they even land on our heads while we are swimming in the pool. Its a beautiful and comforting experience each and every time. Thank you for bringing it to mind and putting a smile on my face.
    PS we have red cardinals in our yard as well, but I've never seen an owl.
    Have the best day ever!

  2. Yes! we love birds too and cardinals are beautiful. I always smile when I see this one little bird that frequently sits on the roof of our house. He has its own little spot and when I drive up the driveway and see him, I always smile.

  3. I have a girlfriend that recently lost a daughter to cancer. When the daughter was a little girl she loved butterflies and that love lasted throughout her short life. One morning my friend was sitting outside, still grieving deeply for her daughter. A butterfly landed on her arm, walked down to her hand, turned around and walked back up her arm and then flew away. My friend know it was a message from God letting her know her daughter is with Him and okay.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24