Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Giver.....

Pappy and I went to a movie this past weekend......
the first movie we've gone to together since 2006 when the first "Night at the Museum" was released.
I had seen Jeff Bridges interviewed about his role as "The Giver",
and a friend from church had gone and posted a short "review" on Instagram.....
so I wanted to see it.
Plus, we had discount coupons!!!

I don't want to give away anything about the movie,
in case any of you are wanting to see it.
But, it really made me think.
What if.....
what if the world that's portrayed in "The Giver".....
one where the old who are no longer useful.....
and the young who aren't "up to par"....
are "disposed of" ?
What if that's the direction this country.....
or the entire world.....
is headed, too?

Only God knows!!!

Breathing in Grace,


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  1. Hi Deb! I did make a comment, but I don't know if it went through? I'll try again!
    That is one scary trailer! I have heard some of my friends say that the story is really good, and they look forward to seeing the film. I didn't read the book (did you?). Well, maybe I should see it after all. I'll let you know if I see it!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24