Monday, October 20, 2014

Busy hands.....

 Ecclesiastes 9:10
Whatever your hands find to do, 
do with all your strength.....

The past 3 weeks have been busy, busy, busy for me!
Remember my Mom had those 4 trees cut down.....
(one was in the back that you couldn't see in the pics I posted).
We hauled brush and wood and burned and raked.....
then, did it some more!!!
Because of my brother's injury, I spent parts of a Friday and Saturday scraping sheet rock mud off of concrete floors, sweeping and mopping.
 I came to a conclusion.....
our bodies just weren't designed to stand on our heads and bend and move in all those different directions!!!
Even Jess asked me.....
"Momma, do you know how old you are?"
(that totally made me actually LOL....;-)

Last week was spent taking my brother to the surgery center.....
The first trip, while waiting for absolutely NOTHING to happen.....
(you can read about that here).....
I got the body of this little hat made for a baby boy who lives across the street from Pappy and me.....
with his parents, of course!

It made my heart so happy to see his  Grandma pushing him in the stroller one day and he was sporting his new hat!

I'm not sure yet what this week has in store.....
but I'm hoping to get a bit of rest.....
because we'll be keeping all 4 of our grands from next Friday till late Sunday!!!
Prayers, please!!!

What about you?
What has been keeping you busy?

Breathing in grace,


  1. What a cute little hat and I love the new header. Lately, I've been busy reading. I'm reading my bible and a book from the library that's turning out to be pretty good... :)

  2. Your blog is looking beautiful!!!! Seems like we're either too busy or too idle, but with God's Grace we get through it all. Hope you have a happy week. ((hugs))

  3. Adorable hat! I imagine your littlest neighbor looks so cute in it.
    John took a vacation day from work today and we have been working out in the yard all day, raking leaves and hauling them to the curb, pulling out overgrown perennials and doing some repairs to the house siding. He is feeling really sore and I just suggested he take some Advil, poor guy! Hope you are accomplishing lots and able to get some down time.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24