Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Prayer request.....

Update on my brother:

Y'all aren't gonna even believe what happened.
My brother's surgery was scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon,
but he was told to be there at 12:30.
We got there early and they took him back to the "holding area" around 12:30.....
and he kept laying there until his friend asked what the delay was.
The lady who did the scheduling in the office had made a mistake.....
his surgery isn't until this Friday at 2:00!!!
He was finally "released" around 3:00!
He remained calm as a cucumber.....
which was better than his older sister!
I know it happened for a reason.....
'cause everything does!!!
I'm old and I was freezing cold and it was raining monsoon proportions and I had a headache.....
and we have to go back and do it all over Friday.....
and I'm only human!
I told him the least they could have done was given him a tad of the "happy juice".....LOL!!

Continue to pray for him.....
and maybe say a little one for me, too!!!

About a week ago, on a Friday afternoon, I got a call from my brother asking me to come to where he's building a house, that he had gotten hurt.  I fully expected to see lots of blood and him laying on the ground when I got there, but that wasn't the case.  He was trying to hang sheet rock.....all by himself.....and felt something "pop" in the bicep of his right arm and was in terrible pain.  He was taken to the ER and found that he pulled a ligament.  After a trip to an orthopedic surgeon last week, he will be having surgery to repair the tear today (I won't even go into detail as to how it will be repaired.....ouch!) The surgery itself will take about 1.5 hours (much more extensive than I would have thought).

Thanks, sweet readers, for your prayers!!!

2 Chronicles 6:19
.....listen to my prayer and my plea,
 O Lord my God. 
Hear the cry and the prayer 
that your servant is making to you.

Breathing in Grace,


  1. Praying for a successful surgery and grace for the healing and recovery period.

  2. Father God, Great Physician, we know you will be with Debbie's brother today guiding the doctor's as they do surgery to repair his ligament. We thank You for the skill you have given them to perform this procedure. Thank you for the comfort and strength only You can give the family as they wait for the surgery to be completed. We ask for a successful repair and speedy recovery. In the name of Your Holy Son, Jesus. Amen!

  3. Praying for successful surgery and speedy recovery. Saying a prayer for you too Deb.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24