Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is that You, God.....

Sometimes, He speaks to me in that precious, still small voice!
Other times.....
He has to hit me up side my head with a proverbial two-by-four!

I'm just so glad that HE speaks to us personally!

Do you get the feeling that He's really doing a work in my heart about this topic lately?

HOPE y'all have a Thursday full of THANKS!

Breathing in Grace, 


  1. Hello
    This is my first time of commenting on this blog
    My name is Njut Tabi Godlove
    I am 29
    I am a Cameroonian by nationality
    Cameroon is a small country situated in the Centre of Africa
    It has about 16 million people largely involved in Farming
    I am a high school graduate in Biology and Chemistry
    I became a full time Christian in 2012
    I now live in Germany since October 2012
    It is really amazing to listen from God himself directly
    I find it more and more interesting as I learn the art of listening to God.
    I also have a Christian blog @

  2. Great tests you've listed above! Have a great day, Ms. Deb.

  3. I always say that when God wants to tell you something, sometimes He whispers, sometimes He shouts, and sometimes He smacks you up side the head! (I don't like to admit how often it takes the blow to get my attention) Have a wonderful Thursday Deb!

  4. Hi Deb! I do love a bit of clarity, so this list really resonates with me. I do think that God repeats what he wants to say, because so often I miss it, or doubt it. He is the BEST Father there is!
    I am so happy that he continues to reach out and pour his wisdom on you. You are blessed :)

  5. I get so tickled at my daughter Tammy. When it comes to getting children's attention she always says, "I have to use my Mommy voice." Anyone that's had a child knows what that is. Well, sometimes our Father has to use His "Daddy" voice to get us to pay attention. Thank You Lord for loving us that much. ((hugs)) Debby, hope you had a blessed and happy day!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24