Sunday, November 16, 2014

SONday Morning Song - A Beautiful Place.....

Wordy Post

I sometimes have a recurring dream.
It's not the same setting every time,
but it's always the same circumstances.
I'm always somewhere that I can't escape.
I'll climb up steps and go through rooms,
and there's just no way out.
I had such a dream last Friday night,
but there was something different about it.
I somehow did get outside and knew where I needed to go,
but was going to have to walk to get there,
and in my mind I knew it was a long way.....
but I also knew that I would be able to make it.
That's actually the emotion that I had.....
I can do this!!!
I went down a street and around a building and I saw a lot of people,
and knew that I didn't need to get near these people,
so I headed back.
Then, I was with children......
I can only think they must have been our grand's,
but I couldn't see their faces.
We were standing at the bottom of a long flight of stairs that stretched between two brick buildings on either side.  The flight up was very dark and dank and muddy.  The kids didn't want me to climb the steps, but I told them I would be okay because I would just hold onto the rail.  As I climbed, I saw bugs crawling along the steps and there was also a black cat up ahead....
but I don't recall even seeing it when I passed by it.
And, I don't remember any of the children going up the steps with me.
When I reached the top,
I didn't look back.....
I just remembered that part.....
but when I went through the door at the top,
I entered a beautiful building.
Everything was clean and neat and nice and pretty.....
nothing compared to the steps.

As I prayed yesterday morning, 

I asked God to reveal to me the meaning of my dream,
if it was His will for me to understand.
This is what I felt come to me in my Spirit
(which, He placed in me, right?).

The long, dark, dirty climb represents this old world and all the things we have to go through here.....
especially, the sin.
The bugs and the black cat and the people I felt I shouldn't be around.....
people I'll encounter along the way,
and even some that I'll need to "shake the dust from my feet".
And, that rail.....
I believe that rail represents Jesus.
He's the steady hand that I'll be holding onto as I travel this weary land.
Reaching the top and not looking back.....
God is reminding me not to look back,
but ahead.....
and if I do look back,
it's just to see how far He's brought me and all the struggles were so worth it to reach that summit.
Going through the door to that beautiful place.....
well, it cannot compare to the place I'm going to see when I get to heaven!!!

Was this a premonition of some kind?

I have no idea.
But I do know that a minister whom I trusted many years ago.....
a true man of God.....
said in a message that God speaks to us through our dreams.
I hadn't thought a lot about that until the past few years.
This particular dream makes about three that I've had that I truly know were from God!!!

As I shared my dream and revelation with Pappy,

he said he was reminded of this song by Mr. Wayne Watson.
"A Beautiful Place"!
I wrote this post before even reading the lyrics to the song!

If I had my way, I must admit
If I called every play of the game
I'd pray for good times, blue sky and sunshine
And I'd avoid with a passion any pain
But with every blow from an angry wind
And with every dark shadow that falls
There's a better view up around the bend
Where this puzzle makes some sense after all

Mistakes and misfortunes will come and go
For you to try and still fail is no disgrace
Sometimes a rough and rocky road
Is gonna take you to a beautiful place

Is there anyone out there looking back through your faith
That can deny that your Father knows what's best
Oh but at the time and place for the life of you
You saw no reason, no good for the test
But now remembering as you watched His hand
Put the color to your black and white dreams
Maybe one more time past what you can see
Oh the trouble of the moment ain't as bad as it seems

Sometimes the unspoiled beauty of the wisdom of God
Is lying there in the wilderness
Up there beyond the easy reach
Where the journey takes a little more.....
just a little more faith I guess

I sincerely HOPE that your SONday is chock full of blessings!!

Breathing in Grace,


  1. Happy SONday morning, Deb. Your new header is beautiful. I want to thank you for this wonderful, comforting post. It was meant for me to visit your blog this morning. I was touched by the interpretation of your dream. I'm on my way to church so have a blessed SONday... :)

  2. What a wonderful interpretation of your dream from God. God does speak to us in so many different ways. God bless your Sunday!

  3. Very beautiful, Deb. We should all be so wise as to go to the Lord with our dreams. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. That is just beautiful. I love God and how He speaks to HIs children. A true blessing that He revealed the message to you. ((hugs)) and blessing sweet lady!

  5. Hi Deb and how wonderful the God revealed to you the meaning of your dream. I too, believe He speaks to us in dreams too! You've ministered to many in your post today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Hi Deb! I just love this. And the point for me've had this dream but were never ready to keep going. Until you finally were and God revealed such a truth to you. He loves you so much my friend. You are so precious to him...he wants to be your confidante and best friend. What a great thing to experience that!!
    Thank you for blessing me with this dream and interpretation,


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Proverbs 16:24