Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Fotos.....

I don't do quite as much decorating as I used to.
I actually am planning to go through all my seasonal decorations next summer and donate a lot of them.
(because they're stored in our cold basement)

Pappy bought this little nativity set at a yard sale just for our grand kiddos!
I saw them rearranging it when they were here last night!

This is on top of an old dresser that sits inside our front door.
It was actually my Mom and Dad's first bedroom suite,
and I refinished it many years ago.
The "hurricanes" were made from vases and candle holders purchased at the Dollar Tree and glued together with E6000 glue.
My sis-in-law gave me the rusty "peace".
And, that ship in the background.....
my precious brother made that just for me when he was just a teenager!

This nativity is one of my very favorite CHRISTmas decorations.
Pappy and I bought it the first CHRISTmas after we were married.....
thirty-eight years ago.
It's "Home Interior".
See that stable?
My Daddy and Pappy made that out of paneling that looks like barn wood.
I hot glued Spanish moss to the top.
It just means so much to me knowing my Daddy had his hands on it,
since this will be his 20th year actually celebrating CHRISTmas in heaven.

So, that's that about that.....
a little saying my Mammie used to quote.

HOPE y'all have a Fantastic Friday!

Breathing in Grace,

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