Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thrifty Thursday.....

If you know me well, you know I love me a good thrift store!
Here are a few of the things that Pappy and I found last week at the BIG Goodwill in Asheville, NC, and another one in Waynesville, NC, and the one a bit closer to home in Newport, TN.

Remember I told you the first place we went into was the Goodwill Outlet?
There was  table after table of stuff that you just had to dig thru.
Now, you might not know that I'm not much of a digger.....
unless it's for our grand-kiddos!
It was the most unique thrift store I've ever been to.
You fill up your buggy then run it up on a scale.
The weight of the buggy is deducted, and you pay $1.25/pound for the items you're purchasing.  Pictures 1-5 and the first pair of shoes were all purchased at the outlet, plus a puzzle that I failed to picture and an Eric Clapton CD and some Burts Bees Lemon Grass Inspect Repellant!  The bus and nursery rhyme book are both V-Tech and the Batman tower is Imaginext.  Both brands are very expensive.  All of those items came to the grand total of.....$22.20!!!

Then, we went to the Goodwill Retail Store next door to the outlet.
Before I tell you what we purchased, let me share that just the night before I had told Pappy that we were going to have to break down and get a new computer.  Oh, how I didn't want to spend the money on one, but ours was running horribly, mostly because it had very little memory, plus it was running on Windows XP.  I mentioned to him that I would love to also have a newer version of Microsoft Office.  Would you believe that we found a Dell Computer.....3.2 GHZ memory.....Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.....and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010?
Guess what this cost?
Come on, take a guess!

Pappy told me that was the main thing he had wanted to find.....
but didn't tell me until we were headed back to the truck.
I'm typing this on my "new" computer and this puppy FLIES!

Next stop was the Goodwill in Waynesville.  That's where we found the white Reebok running shoes that are BRAND SPANKING NEW....still have the tags.....for FOUR DOLLARS.  The navy leather shoes were also $4.

Then onto the Goodwill nearer to home.
Our daughter had asked us to be on the lookout for a Shark Steam Cleaner.
And, would you believe that  Pappy spotted one.....
for FIVE DOLLARS?!?  He also found a new pair of men's pants, still with tags for $4.99.

There were a few other things that we bought that I didn't get pics of.....
a couple of VCR's and an Eli Stone DVD and some CD's.

It was an awesome day full of bargains.....
and blessings!!!

Breathing in Grace,


  1. GREAT finds! Love it about the computer! Have a wonderful day, my friend. xo

  2. Goodness, y'all made quite a haul! Oh that's fun. Now I want to go! Have a great day. ((hugs))

  3. Hi Deb! I am personally a fan of the shoes and the kid's toys. Like you, I'm a Nana and there is no way I 'm going to spend tons of money on toys for the toddlers! I love resale stores for that. And that computer???? Man, did you luck out! I am so happy that your husband has such sharp eyes. Nothing worse than typing and trying to get work done on a balky computer. Ugh. You must feel like a new person :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love your bargains. You did great! I will have to check those locations out. I need a thrift store Saturday again soon. That computer needs to go on your list of Deals of a Lifetime because that was an awesome find.


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