Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday's Words - Little Things.....

I drove through the drive-thru at Burger King recently and asked for a large ice water.....
the thirty-cent cup!
The girl told me to drive up for my total.
I already had my change ready to pay,
but when I got to the window, 
she refused to take my money.
She just handed me the ice water and smiled!

I lay my change in the console of the truck and drove on.....
thanking God for that little act of kindness.

That very afternoon,
 I was in Dollar General and bought a graduation card for our nephew.
I didn't have the change for the tax.....
because my change was in the truck console!
All I had was a $10 and was dreading getting back 90 cents in change.
I handed the clerk my $10 and told her I didn't have any change.....
and she said, "but I do"!  
A customer before me was supposed to get 40 cents in change and they told the previous clerk to just keep it.
She had placed it on the counter and the sweet lady used a dime of it for my  tax!  
The scripture in the book of Esther could apply......

"for such a time as this"!

I walked out of the Dollar General with a huge smile plastered to my face.....
thanking God for the little things!

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Breathing in Grace,