Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hay Bales and Stumps.....

I sincerely HOPE that God has blessed your life with a best friend.  If He has, hang onto them for dear life!
I have such a friend.
God placed us together about 13 years ago and our friendship has grown so much, especially these past few years.  Although I'm older, it seems that we lived parallel lives, and our lives even today are so similar in the circumstances that surround us!

The last few weeks have been rough for us both.  I won't bore y'all with the details, but suffice it to say that even the trials and troubles we've gone thru are similar when you get to the bottom line.  So as we were "wallowing in our pity" (not really, but I thought that sounded good), we were both blessed yesterday with things that probably wouldn't amount to a hill of beans (East TN slang) to a lot of people.

She needed hay to feed her horses and had to buy it all last winter.
It was scarce and pricey.  The sad thing was that there was hay on their farm that was given away last year (but, not by her).  She needed at least 10 of the round bales to get her thru this coming winter.  She called to tell me that the mowers had been there and would you  believe.....
that without being told how many to leave.....
there were EXACTLY.TEN.BALES.OF.HAY left in the field for her and her hubby!!!

We had a tree cut this past Saturday.  A REALLY HUGE oak tree that refused to put out up one entire side, even after much prayer.  I see now that God was trying to teach me a lesson thru having this tree cut. One of the tree cutters had promised to do a few things that he didn't follow through on, one being to cut the stump down as low as possible.  He also got very angry with Pappy because he asked him not to work on Sunday.  My doorbell rang yesterday afternoon, and when I went to the door I recognized the fellow.  We had hired him to grind out some stumps a few years ago.  When I opened the door, he said "I smell a stump".  Long story short, he was in the area to price some work for a couple of our neighbors and was told we might need some work done, too.

if God cares enough to give my sweet friend, Dawn, ten bales of hay.....
and, to send a worker to our door to grind out a stump two days after having the tree cut.....
how much more does He care about the BIG things in our lives?

Ain't God good?
Oh, yes He is!!!

Breathing in Grace,


  1. God is always near, thanks for the reminder! I love those 'that was God' moments!

    1. I like to say, "it's not odd, it's God"!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note of encouragement!

  2. I love it when God answers a prayer even before we ask it! Have a blessed day.

    1. The "desires of our heart", Ms. Melanie! HOPE you've had a great day and the rest of your week is happy!

  3. One of the tree cutters is a selfish man that needs the Lord.

    1. Yes he is. I've been praying that God will convict his heart and continue to grant him mercy and grace. An apology to your Dad would also be nice....but I'll not hold my breath on that one!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24