Wednesday, October 14, 2015

{ Wednesday's Word - Good }

I seem to do some of my most intense worshiping when I'm home alone or driving!  That's what happened recently on the way to the trash dump, of all places! God certainly has a sense of humor and some really mysterious ways, doesn't He?

The word "good" stood out to me as this song came to mind and I sang as I drove along.....
so, it was probably a "good" thing I was alone since I was singing.....
kinda loud!  

Now the Lord has been so good to me, 
He set my captive spirit free. 
Old things have passed away, 
all things are new today. 
He gave me life to pass on in, 
oh have I've changed since I found Him. 
I'm in a new world, since the Lord saved me. 

I'm in a new world, old things have passed away. 
Behold all things are new, ever since that happy day. 
He opened up my blinded eyes, then I had a great surprise. 
And I'm in, a new world, since the Lord saved me. 

Now I can't explain the way I feel, 
but there's not a doubt I know it's real 
There's glory in my soul, as the hallelujahs roll. 
Though earthly friends may turn me down, 
I'll still retain the peace I've found. 
I'm in a new world, since the Lord saved me.

Written by Vesphew Benton (VEP) Ellis

HOPE everybody is having a great week so far.

Breathing in Grace,

I'm so grateful for the e-mails after yesterday's post.  
I don't think some of you would have felt comfortable leaving a public comment. 
I'm so glad God prompted me to close the comments.  
PLEASE know that I called out each of your names to the Lord, 
asking for His peace and comfort in your struggles.  I'll  keep your names close to my heart as we journey through this together.....
 praying for one another!
As one precious lady said.....
"We sisters in Christ need each other."
AMEN to that!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24