Wednesday, November 4, 2015

{ Wednesday's Word - Irritation }

Okay, I know that's kind of an odd word to  choose, but bear with me.  Sometimes on Tuesday's this little kiddo "keeps Nannie" while his siblings attend some classes.....
(he was feeding grass to his lawnmower)

One of our neighbors was sweeping up leaves and bringing them to a vacant lot across from us to dump them out.  We went outside to play and this sweet boy was sitting on my lap looking at Lego horses on my phone (something he HAS to do every time he sees me or Pappy) when he said.....
"That's getting on my nerves."

Now bear in mind that he just turned two in July.
So I asked him what was getting on his nerves......
after I composed myself from busting out laughing!

He said "that lawnmower"!

It gave me such a good laugh and oh how it does my heart wonders for him to stay with me.  But, his statement got me to thinking about how we let things irritate us.  Pappy says he's just like me in some of his actions because I, too, don't tolerate noises very well.  I've decided I have some "sensory issues".

(can you even believe I found this little saying with an owlie? That has to be a sign that it applies to me....LOL)

What about you?
Is there something that just grates on your last nerve sometimes?  Or, am I the only crazy lady to admit that I have "issues"?!?!??

Now, this is really funny.....
and can be applied to me!

Happy Wednesday, Everybody!!!

Breathing in Grace,

From some of my posts y'all have to think that I'm the most nervous, stressed-out, depressed, SAD person alive!!!  I promise I'm not.  I just try to be really honest about things that bother me.  I truly, honestly have GOOD days and many more of those than bad ones!!!  But....with that being said....y'all will never know how much your precious comments, and especially your PRAYERS mean to me.  Y'all are the BESTEST!!!

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  1. Love this post and I had to laugh about the lawnmower getting on that sweet baby's nerves. I appreciate your honesty and realness. I have found that it's the most unusual little things that GET ON MY NERVES...and my last one at that! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Deb, for sure noisy things will get on my nerves. I side with the little one completely - noisy lawnmowers can do it to me too! Some days I can tolerate things like that but other days, they send me through the roof!

  3. Very cute post. We all have things that get on our 'last nerve'. At the moment I can't think of one thing. It is usually an 'in the moment' thing. Probably where a close family member is 'talking over me' rather than 'talking to me'. Have a wonderful day.

  4. LOL - I sure got a chuckle out of your 2-year old saying the lawnmower was getting on his nerves!! I get most frustrated in traffic and/or with drivers who are doing things other than paying attention to their driving!! Grrrrr!! Great post!!

  5. Got to be the vacuum cleaner. When I'm doing the vacuuming it doesn't bother me, but when Mr D does it, I'm like, "Is he every going to turn that thing off!" Oh, those little grandbabies are precious, how they bless our lives.

  6. He's a cutie and such a sweet little story. Noises really don't bother me so much but there are plenty of things that do. Loved your funnies, especially the Hawaii one!

  7. Honestly is what I expect out of people. Which, I don't often get, which grates on my nerves...or people who 'beat around the bush' or people say stupid things like...women ought to be at home (there is one student in particular who grates on my nerves--sexist person!)...I have tons of issues as well,

    Thank you sweet friend for being honest...and I do believe that is what God wants us to be...Bless your grandchild he just made my day...smiles

  8. It really MAY be sensory issues (I think I have a few, too). Kind of like the princess who could feel the pea under a stack of mattresses....


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24