Saturday, December 5, 2015

{ Twenty-One Years ]

Twenty-one years.
That's how long my Daddy's been in heaven.
It was a Sunday morning.
I was teaching a Sunday School class and somebody came and got me to say my Aunt wanted to talk to me.
I went outside the church to see her.
I don't remember what she said.
I do remember praying that he wouldn't be gone before I got there.
Want to know something really strange?
Some people wouldn't even believe it.
But, I know it was God preparing me.
I had visioned this happening.....
me in SS and somebody coming to tell me my Daddy was gone.
The ambulance was on its way.
I was over him telling him how much I loved him and glanced away for just a second.
When I looked back, he had somehow placed his finger by his mouth and his tongue was moving, but he couldn't speak.
I know in my heart he was trying to tell  me how much he loved me, too.
I was a Daddy's girl.
I'm still a Daddy's girl.
It still hurts that he's no longer here.
But, I'll get to see him again some day.
I know that's something I can count on,
just like I  could ALWAYS count on my Daddy's love.

Until I see him again,
I'll keep on......

breathing in Grace!


  1. A beautiful post, Deb! Your father must have been a very special man. I know God does prepare us for things. Have a blessed day.

  2. {{{Deb}}}---I believe I saw my father in law standing in our kitchen and no sooner than I turned around we got the phone call that he had passed...honest (I'm sorry, I just can't talk about it-go into depth). There are times, I'll tell you, my son and I both smell cigars...strange as he never met him...thank you Deb for sharing....many Blessings

  3. ((Hugs)) Such a beautiful post. I truly could feel all your love for him through your words, as well as the pain you still feel in his absence. Thank you for being honest and vulnerable enough to share this with us. Much love.

  4. Daddy's are such wonderful people. Mine has been with Jesus for 15 years. He had been so sick, in the hospital for a while. They didn't want to release him to go home, they wanted to release him to a nursing home. It wouldn't have been long term, but I know he was so upset about it. And I knew he might not live long enough to come home. I'll never forget how hard I prayed that he wouldn't die in the nursing home. The next day when I went to see him they were in the process of taking him back to the hospital. Issues had occurred during the night that the nursing home was not equipped to handle. I knew in my heart what was happening and what was going to happen. God answered my prayer, He took Daddy home just a few days later. Love ya Deb.

  5. What a sweet tribute to your Dad and the relationship you had with him. Thankful you will get to see him one day. God is good.

  6. I agree with your other friends here. You have posted a beautiful tribute to your dad.

  7. I "hear" your heart, Deb. I treasure every minute I have with my Dad these days.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24