Friday, January 8, 2016

{ Friday Foto Friends #10 }

Edited to add:
First of all an apology.....
I'm sooooo sorry the link-up wasn't working.
I've had more trouble out of that thing,
and was beginning to think God was trying to tell me to give up.
HOPEfully, He was saying "be persistent" in this PRESENT trial!!!
it's fixed now.....
fingers crossed and knocking on wood.
Not that I think those things help....
so saying a little prayer, too!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in our neck of the woods.  The temperature climbed up into the upper 50's and there was plenty of SUNSHINE!  Oh, how the sun shining affects my mood.  But, there's rain in the forecast for today and I even heard the possibility of SNOW on SONday. 
Oh, well.....
it's that time of year!

For my Friday Fotos, here's a collage of a few things I've made the last couple of months.

1 - Rag Quilt for our daughter made out of all her tee shirts she had growing up
2 - Label for the quilt
3 - American Girl Doll bedding for our Grand-daughter
4 - Pillow my friend asked me to make for her
5 - Another pillow for my special friend
6 - Another gift for my friend
7 - Crocheted fox hat for Baby Benson
8 - Crocheted ear warmer ordered by a friend on Facebook
9 - Crocheted ear warmer modeled by very wrinkly old lady.....;-)

Looking forward to seeing what y'all post today.
Can you believe this is our 10th week?
time flies when we're having fun.

Happy Friday, Everybody!

HOPE you have an awesome weekend.


  1. I love all your photos. Such a beautiful crochet fox!

  2. Such a talented lady! Some lucky people have beautiful things to treasure. That is a very cute idea to make the quilt from her t-shirts! Have a blessed day.

  3. Deb - it looks like Mr Linky is misbehaving again! Here is my link for today's Friday Foto.

  4. You my friend, are quite lovely!!! Hey---umm...your linky isn't working, sad to say. Have a happy Friday Deb.

  5. You have certainly been busy!! Lovely things indeed! Baby Benson is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You are so talented and I love seeing your work. I really dont have any personal pictures to post, so guess I am not participating in the picture Friday. But still like to visit and see yours! Have a nice Friday.

  7. Mr Linky looks okay now. Thanks for fixing it, Deb. Why do they make things so difficult? Have a blessed day.

  8. Love you sweet friend...thank you for nice comment you left on my blog...big, big smiles

  9. Is that for me?!! I'm making that noise Snoopy makes when he's happy!

  10. Oh....all your crafts are so them all! Thanks for helping me get linked in today, I had the worst time with blogger on my post. My font size and spacing was all over the place and blogger would not let me correct it. grrrr grrrr grrr Hope you had a great day, we started with rain and fog, ended with a little sunshine and now it's raining again. ((hugs)) and blessings!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24