Wednesday, January 27, 2016

{ Wednesday's Words - Seventeen Questions }

I really enjoy reading blogs and  getting to know others better from the questions they sometimes answer.  I thought it might be interesting to ask and answer a few here.  I'd love if you'd play along and give your answer in a comment, or on your own blog. 

  These questions are really random, 
off the top of my poor feeble mind.....
some might be funny.....
some more serious!!!

Okay, here we go:

1.  What are your first and middle names?
Do you have any nicknames?

Debra Faye is my given name.
I'm most often called Debbie, or Deb, Mom, and Nannie.  Poovie was a nickname at one time (don't know where that actually came from.....Andy Griffith, maybe.....I'll have to research that)

2.  Have you always lived in the same area?

I've always lived in Strawberry Plains, TN, within a mile of where I grew up.  I lived there until I was 22, married Pappy (who wasn't a Pappy then....;-)......
lived in a mobile home for a few months, then to a rental home, then to our current home where we've been planted for over 36 years.  Sounds somewhat boring, huh?

3.  What is your favorite color?

but not just any shade of purple.
The more muted, dusty shades.

4.  Do you color your hair?
Is that too personal?

I colored mine for years, but said if I ever had grandchildren, I would quit.  It became too expensive, and the home colors NEVER turned out right for me, always made my hair red.  So, I went gray.  There are LOTS of times lately that I wish I hadn't quit, though.  I look soooooo old with gray hair.  :(

5.  How long have you been married?  
Any  children?  
Great grandchildren?

Pappy and I have  been married almost 39 years.  We have one daughter, a son-in-law of going on 15 years, 4 precious grandchildren......
and no greats yet, since our oldest grand is only 9 1/2!!!

6.  Favorite foods?

Chocolate, grilled chicken, blueberries, chocolate, eggs, salads, chocolate, pasta, bread.....
and chocolate!!!
(in my defense, I prefer dark chocolate)

7.  Sleep habits?

For the most part, I don't sleep well.....
I take a Tylenol PM (usually only take a half).
I know I shouldn't rely on those, but it's a toss up.....
to sleep, or not to sleep.....
that is the question?

8.  Car you drive?

It's not a car, but Pappy's Toyota Tundra and I feel like I'm driving a semi. I've driven it now for 2 years and have thought we would get another SUV, after selling ours to a young couple who needed a vehicle.  
$$$$$ is an object.

9.  Favorite season of the year?

I enjoy all 4 seasons, for different reasons.
(oh, that rhymed.....;-)
But, I would probably have to pick autumn (fall) as a favorite.  Love, love, love that time of year when all things are pumpkins, and sweaters, and cooler temps.....
oh, yes, fall!!!

10.  If you blog, how long have you had your blog?

My very first post was August of 2007.
Wowsers, that was moons ago!!

11.  Do you have a very best friend whom you can pray with and share "secrets" with?

I've  gotta answer this in two ways.  
I do those things with my husband.  
We didn't always pray together, that's something that only started about 10 years ago, sad to admit. But, now it's just second nature for us to pray before we eat, and go to sleep, and if we get a prayer request we try to immediately pray right then and there (getting older prompts immediate prayers because of memory issues.....LOL).  

As for a female friend I have several, but I share those things I mentioned with my friend, Dawn.  We pray together, talk about the Lord, share things He's done for us both, sometimes simultaneously.  It's awesome to see His hand at work in our lives!!!

12.  Do you have a hobby?

I love to crochet, which was why I first started blogging, to sell some of my creations.  I still do that occasionally, but for the most part I like to just make things and give to people.  Crocheting is cheaper than paying for therapy!! Ha! Ha!

13.  Did you do well in school?

This will probably come as a HUGE surprise to some people, but I was actually Salutatorian of my Senior class in high school and had to get up in front of God and everybody and give a speech.  I would have been tied for Valedictorian, if not for my grades in PE!  (do they still even have that in school?)  I'm basically an introvert and didn't like the things we were required to do back then......
tumbling, dodge ball, etc.....
sports that required "dressing out" in front of others and wearing those terrible white shorts and tops.
So, yes, I barely passed Physical Education, which affected my final grade. I didn't go on to college (big mistake), but did get a good job at TVA in Knoxville, TN.  I worked there for almost 15 years and was able to get a severance package when I quit which paid off our home.  God is good!!!

14.  Is there something about yourself that might come as a surprise to others?

Besides my answer to #13 above, I've loved to color for years, long before adult coloring books became all the rage.  I also love owls (but I don't think that's a surprise), and cardinals.....
actually, I like most birds.....
except crows......
and buzzards.

15.  Do you have any major fears?

and bridges......
and water......
and loved ones dying.

16.  Are you an outdoors, or indoors type of person?

I love working outside in the yard, don't mind mowing the yard, sewing grass, etc......
 enjoy my flowers and my walks around the neighborhood, weather permitting.

17.  And, finally......

If you could sum up your life in one word,
what would it be?


So there's a few things about me,
and I'd love for you to share a few about yourself!!!

HOPE everybody has a great Wednesday!


  1. Oh how I enjoyed reading this post! I had just poured my first cup of coffee and stopped by to say hello and found this wonderful 'conversation.' Yes, I was answering and commenting on each one of them. Felt like I was right there with you. I will answer all these questions on Visits With Mary tomorrow! Stay tuned!! lol Have a lovely day and God Bless. ((hugs))

    1. Oh. I'm looking forward to your answers, Ms. Mary!!

  2. Awe, my daughters name is Deborah Faye and we call her Debbie.
    I'll see about joining in but I am having trouble seeing good on the computer. I just got new glasses so don't know if that's it.

    1. How neat that your daughter and I share very similar names. HOPE you're able to join in.

  3. What fun Deb! Yes, I would love to play!
    1: Cynthia Fay and I am called Cindy. Lots of times I get called Cindy Lou. Of course I am called Mom, mama and Marty's wife. But my favorite people call me Nana!
    2: I've always lived within a 50 miles radius. Lived a long time in GA but then it was right on the GA/Fl. line!
    3: Oh I love so many colors. I guess my favorite would be red...but then I like black and I really love PINK! Ha!
    4: Yes mam...just colored it yesterday.
    5: Been married longer than I was single! Ha! Come Sept. we will be married 39 years. Have three daughters, 3 grandgirls, 1 grandson and 1 grandgirl on the way! LOVE IT!
    6: I love everything!!! Favorite would be Marty's fried chicken hands up. But I do love me some cheesecake too!
    7. No I don't sleep well. I am one that no matter what I do I don't sleep all night without interruptions of some kind. Bathroom, water, mind going 100 mph or something.
    8: Been driving since I was 13 on the back roads of the country! Granny started teaching me to drive at age 9. I drive a Ford Escape. Learned to drive a stick shift!
    9. My favorite season would be Fall and 2nd fav would be Spring.
    10. I will have to go back and see when I started blogging! Long time now but I do good to blog one day a week.
    11. Yes I do have a best friend whom I can share secrets with and prayer needs and we have been friends since 4th grade! Many moons ago! We married around the same time...had our babies close together, live 1 1/2 miles from each other, go to the same church, work in the same town, and have been through thick and thin! I praise the Lord for her.
    12. HOBBY? That's part of my problem now Deb...too many hobbies!
    13. I done well in school. I made good grades, graduated with high honors, but Lord knows I never wanted to go back to school!
    14. Hmm....not sure! But one thing that has surprised some of the women I teach at church through the years has been when I have openly admitted that just because I appeared to be calm and cool with teaching, standing in front of a crowd or etc. didn't mean I actually was GOOD with it all the time! I think it came as shocker to some when I admitted that at times I have to take a deep breath and step out in obedience! There are MANY times that I am so out of my comfort zone but trying to just be obedient.
    15. My deepest fear is snakes! I have always had a healthy fear of them but two years ago a 4 year old in our community died from a snake bite and snakes seem to be more and more in our area over the last few years. They also seem to have no fear of being among humans and that's what scares me the most!
    16. I am probably more of an indoor type person! I love the outside and nature but love it the most when I am sitting in a tree stand hunting because that is my quiet time with the Lord and for myself. I love sitting outside near my old barn and pond and talking with my man about our week come Friday night! But for the most part...I am an indoor gal!
    17. My word would be Blessed too Deb.

    Hope you have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. We share a middle name!!! Mom's middle name is spelled like yours. I love your pretty hair...thinking about having mine cut really short...or letting it grow out...decisions, decisions. LOL

  4. I would answer the last question exactly as you did. BLESSED!! It was fun reading these! I think I answered some similar questions (if not the same ones) in a Sunday Stealing post awhile back. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I made up the questions as I went along...definitely didn't intentionally copy from anybody sorry if it appeared that way. :(

  5. Great questions, Deb. I'm finding this late so will answer them later on my blog. Have a blessed evening.

    1. Yay....looking forward to your answers!!! ;-)

  6. This was so much fun to read! 😊


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24