Thursday, February 11, 2016

{ Comparison }


Sometimes I allow Satan to convince me that I'm lazy.  I do have days that I don't get a lot accomplished.  Well, not as far as some would label an accomplishment, but I do try to stay busy.  I think that's partly why I crochet (other than it's cheaper than paying a therapist.....
well, unless you count the cost of all the yarn I "need"......
but I digress)

Even when watching TV, which I only sit and do at night.....
well, it's more "hearing" than "seeing" because I usually have a crochet hook in my hand!

I told my sis-in-law recently that I feel like I'm just plain lazy.  Later on, I realized I was putting way too much emphasis on what others thought.....
and not enough on what God thinks!

I feel like social media can cause way too much comparison.  I heard a Christian speaker make this point yesterday on the radio.  We sign onto Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook and we see the sparkly clean kitchen and the home-cooked, 7-course meals and the beautiful crafts and artwork of our friends and we start comparing ourselves to them.  We feel like no matter what we do it just doesn't match up to those perfect pictures others post.  I think that's what ALL of us have a tendency to do, if we'll be honest with ourselves.  
(let's be honest here.....
most people aren't going to post pictures of the failures and messes)

You know what I've come to realize!

They're not me.

And, I'm not them.

God made each of us different.

He gave each of us a talent in SOMETHING.

And, I believe He wants us to share our talents with others.

Not to brag on ourselves......

but to bring Glory and Honor to Him!

(don't forget.....
tomorrow is Friday Foto Friends)


  1. Good point, Deb. We have our own talents and things that we enjoy. Have a blessed day.

  2. I read an article recently about a young woman who worked for hours each day getting the perfect photos to post online. Her sister was her photographer and they took hundreds of shots a day.'s a job, in a way.

    Love the little paper lunch bags in the drawing. Reminds me of my old school days!

  3. My friend, Ms. Mary, left a comment for me and I accidentally deleted it when trying to publish it from my phone....something I should NEVER do because of my BIG THUMBS!!! Here's what Ms. Mary said:

    I remember when the kids were all young and still at home and things would get 'out of order.' Just one thing or another and they would moan and groan, complain and sometimes get a little sassy. They thought we should be more like Little House on the Prairie...everthing perfect. Life just isn't like that....we all have mountains and valleys. I think you are a wonderful woman because you have such a good heart and that's what's really important. Have a wonderful day!!

  4. It took me about 60 years to figure that out Debbie. I used to think a couple of my friends were superwomen, but then I started noticing little tears in the capes and discovered they are "normal" just like me. We are each one different, but made by God. Life became delightful when I stopped making comparisons.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24