Sunday, February 28, 2016

{ SONday Sayings }

I was talking to Pappy yesterday evening, asking him about how he perceives God when it comes to praying and believing if God hears and will answer our prayers.  We talked about this for a bit, then he turned on the TV to a station that only has sound, no picture.  We don't have cable TV, just whatever channels our antenna will pick up.  The station he landed on happened to be Angel Broadcasting Station.....
something we've NEVER even listened to.
There was a man speaking and the topic of his message was how God remembers.
I immediately looked at Pappy and said.....
"Do you hear what he's talking about?"
I couldn't have asked for any better "sign", 
because it was an answer to the questions I had just asked Pappy!

Yes, indeed, God hears and answers our prayers.....
He doesn't forget us.
He remembers!

He's still speaking to me about TRUSTing Him!


Can you tell I like the wisdom of Ms. Corrie ten Boom?

HOPE everybody has a blessed SONday!


  1. {{{gasp no cable TV}}}}---giggling---we spent 4-5 yrs without cable/internet when we lived on the farm in Alabama.

    ANYWAYS---I have noticed and picked up on a few things...especially here in our home, it seems us Christians have beautiful conversations about God, Heaven and so on...I like her wisdom as well. Have a beautiful SONday, friend.

  2. I do love Corrie Ten Boom, she was a wise woman that loved the Lord! Her quotes are so true!
    Have a blessed day!

  3. I haven't had cable TV for well over a year. And since I have no antenna, you can guess how much TV I watch! Beautiful quotes and so true!

  4. Oh cable?! We are such TV addicts. How wonderful that you got an answer to your question in such a perfect way. God is good and does indeed hear our prayers.

  5. I think all of us have questions but trusting God will give us the answers in ways we cant even imagine. So happy you got an answer in the same day....He is good to us all the time.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24