Wednesday, June 1, 2016

{ Wednesday's Word - Sabbatical }

Isn't sabbatical such a pretty word?

Maybe it's because it reminds me of the Sabbath.....
a day that's supposed to be a day of rest.
(although our neighbors must not have gotten that memo....;)

For some time I've felt this blog taking a different turn, but have not been able to put a finger on just what. I was first prompted to start a blog by our daughter, who thought it would be a good way to show some of my crocheted/hand-made items.   As I was walking one morning, I felt God speak to me to write for Him, and that's what I've tried to do for the 8 years since then. 

Maybe you've noticed that lately I sometimes go several days without posting anything, just for the reasons stated above.  I'm really not good at posting trivial stuff, and since I'm not allowed, for privacy reasons, to share pics of our grand-kiddos......:(  
I don't like to get into political debates (but I do so much enjoy reading the opinions of some of y'all because it helps me to put things into perspective in my own mind).  I don't feel like you all want to see pictures of things that I'd like to have (and to be frankly honest, there are very few things that I even want these days.....
well, except for CHOCOLATE.....
I always want chocolate.....
but I digress).

I've posted in the past pictures of my weight loss progress, but a person can only take so much of seeing pictures of oneself (I'm getting old, people, so y'all don't really want to see a pic of an old(er) gray-haired Nannie, now do 'ya?).

Often, I've felt guilty if I didn't post SOMETHING.....
just ANYTHING. (and there's this family member who makes me feel guilt about this, although I'm sure it's unintentional because my personality insists I feel guilty about something at all times.....;)

Is this leading to something?
I can't even answer that question.
I'm going to post when God puts something on my heart that is gonna make me burst if I don't share it (my Spiritual gift is prophecy.....
and mercy and encouragement.
(No, I'm not a prophet, it just means when God shows up and shows off, you've gotta let others know all about it.....
although, maybe my Momma shouldn't have named me Debra....LOL)

I also want to share with y'all that I'm writing a devotional.  Actually, it's mostly written already, but still needs tons of editing which I'm in the very slow process of doing.
(if any of you know anything about getting e-books published, PLEASE let me know).

We're still gonna have our Friday Foto Friends.
And, I'm gonna try my best to visit my precious friends.  I'm just feeling the need for a sabbatical!
A time to just (be) Present!
(my 2016 words)

HOPE everybody has a Wonderful Wednesday!

See 'ya Friday!

Love and blessings to y'all!


  1. It seems if we blog long enough we stop blogging altogether or our blogs change. I first started blogging with the intention of only posting beautiful scenes from nature. Over time I moved onto other subjects including my voluntary helps in Kenya and now I'm doing a bit of both. I seldom post about political things or post photos of family or friends due to privacy reasons. I only post photos of Kenyans who need sponsorship or help in some way and that is with their knowledge and consent though I realize they don't want to say 'no' if they might get some help. Truthfully my blog doesn't attract those that give. It does sometimes attract those that pray which I'm grateful for. I too am thinking about a transition and am waiting on the Lord for the timing :-) Be blessed.

  2. It all sounds good to me. : ) I look forward to your posts.

  3. What a beautiful post! I rarely have the time to read blogs anymore. I used to read blogs for about an hour every morning. With working and keeping the online stuff going I just don't have the energy or time!



  4. It seems, good friend, that most of us are going through some things, transitions and so on...needles to say, I always look forward to your visits and your intention for my blog was not to air dirty laundry etc, but sometimes, things just get my goat, lol. I also have been visiting many blogs that only talk about their crafting, flowers etc...unfort. I don't do anything like that. Perhaps, that is why my blog is Just Simply---because I am a simple person. I don't know....

    ANYWAYS---like you said, "Digress"--post when you feel to it etc....smniles

  5. I understand, for I am there also! Follow your heart.

  6. Enjoyed this post today my friend. Deb, We all have a time in life that we need to step back, refocus, revamp and yes...take a sabbatical! Even well meaning things sometimes for me has taken a back seat due to the fact that I need to re-energize or simply just need a break. I was reading a devotion this morning about people with my type personality. We find it hard to REST with the things of life because REST to us is translated LAZY! WOW...made so much sense when I finished the devotional. The truth is we all need a break...END OF THAT....PERIOD! The Lord has been dealing with me about a little sabbatical too with some things in my life...As far as blogging goes....well for me here is what I have come to realize. I do what I can when I can with blogging. Blogging does not take priority in my life. I love it and I enjoy it. It's a way I can express myself...get to know involved and well, I love it. But I am good with blogging once a week and in all honesty that is about all the time I have. I love reading what is going on in the lives of my blogging friends and seeing what all they post. But I just cannot keep up with it daily....and I do not feel bad about it. As my Melissa says....Mama, it is what it is....Love you Deb
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I am always lifted up by your posts, whenever you are moved to post, so please do not feel guilty. Just know that your insightful and uplifting words are appreciated whenever they show up in my feed!! Thank you!

  8. Deb, your post are always a blessing to me and I look forward to visiting everyday. With that said, I do understand where you're coming from and I will continue to look forward to your post, whether daily or weekly. I'm so excited to hear about the devotional you are writing. May God bless you on this journey and I pray He opens all the necessary doors for its success. Sending love and ((hugs)) across the miles.

  9. First of all, Deb....your header photo is just WOW! So lovely. I do understand, my friend about your blog. I've felt God's leading to point my blog in a different direction but so far not sure. I always love what you write and I look forward to what God has you share with us in the future. Much love.

  10. Beautiful picture on your blog here. As always your posts are thought provoking. In His presence...yes...a place we can rest in peace, trusting God. A devotional sounds great! I am hoping to put things in book form myself and Joel is writing daily. I am sure your devotional will be inspirational.

  11. you seem an enlightened soul dear ,liked your honesty and respect it alot,

    i am not much social person and a poet and writer as well so my son made me this blog in 2009 just sharing my thoughts as writing a personal diary ,in between i was away from computer and that is why unable to post anything for few years but each day i missed my friends with whom i met online it is amazing feeling to have so many friends and sharing your heart and soul without any strain ,
    best wishes for you too dear have a blessed days ahead and please don't stop writing

  12. Ms Deb, sometimes we all need that break. To be still and listen for God's voice to guide us in our next direction where we are meant to go. I look forward to reading what He shows you when the time is right. Many hugs!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24