Friday, July 29, 2016

{ Friday Foto Friends #38 }

Pappy and I had lunch at Micky D's Tuesday afternoon and this tree was right outside the window where we sat.  I thought it was was just so pretty and unique.

I think I accidentally got a bird flying over in this pic.   All day yesterday the sun would come out then dark  clouds would roll in then the hot sun again.  We finally got a much needed rain around 6:00 in the evening with more during the night.  Besides the rain, we also got some cooler temps.  Praise the Lord, cause this old lady doesn't do well with the heat we're experiencing this summer.  

Would love it if you'd link up with us today and share your photos.

HOPE everybody has a great weekend.

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  1. That tree looks like it has a lot of stories to tell! Have a great Friday and thank you for hosting such of fun link-up.

  2. Those are some dark nasty clouds in that second photo! What a lovely setting for lunch! I hope the food was as good as the view!! Have a blessed Friday, my friend!

  3. What a nice setting to eat lunch...and nasty clouds...glad you got rain, friend. Have a beautiful day, Deb.

  4. I love your photos and especially the tree. Beautiful.

  5. I love the tree. It's a special one!

  6. Pretty and unique describe that tree well!

  7. I would love to sit in that tree! Beautiful photos. I hope your weekend is wonderful.


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