Wednesday, July 13, 2016

{ Wednesday's Word - Power }

A summer storm ripped through our area yesterday afternoon leaving trees and sticks and debris and lots of damage.  Our electricity went out about 4:15 and FINALLY returned around 10:00 last night.  Isn't it just crazy how POWERless we are without POWER?  

It was within my POWER, though, to choose what I did during those almost 6 hours and I DID NOT choose wisely.  I spent way too much time on my cell phone draining the POWER from the battery and I DID NOT practice self-control when I kept going to the fridge to eat those things that I just couldn't let spoil/melt in case the POWER was out for very long.  I had to go to the truck to charge my cell phone because that was the only source of electrical POWER I had at the time.
I got to thinking this morning about all the things we can't do without the POWER of electricity.  Even though an appliance might be plugged into an outlet, without the electric current running through that cord it's just going to sit there and not be able to do what it was designed for.  Isn't that just the very same way with us? God designed us for a purpose.  Most of all to honor and obey and worship HIM.  I can do that best when I'm plugged into His POWER through Bible reading and prayer.  When I'm not and I try to do anything under my own POWER then I'm just not going to function like I was meant to.

It's kinda sad it took almost 6 hours without the POWER of electricity for God to get my attention about what POWER I have when I'm plugged into HIM!

Are y'all as hard-headed as me?
I sincerely hope not.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, Everybody!


  1. I shall remain silent, lololol. Yes, friend, I can be hard headed...sigh...please send those storms up here, we are in desperate need of rain...I am glad no one was hurt and your got your electricity back. Have a beautiful day friend.

  2. Loved this today Deb. I can't do anything without the power of Christ for sure. And when it comes to loosing electric power....I am afraid I am a baby! So spoiled aren't we. But I must say that one time years ago we had a power outage for days. Girl, didn't stop our bunch from having fun. We cooked everything outside on gas....fried taters, fried chicken and even fried biscuits! LOL! Yep, I got carried away on that one! Love the sunflower header! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Deb, I love the way you can take any subject or even just a word and turn it into such a POWERful lesson for your readers here!! A lovely post!

  4. A favorite verse of mine. Thanks for the thoughts you shared.

  5. Power outages can certainly make a big impression! It is amazing how powerless we feel when that happens. Here in Florida, I'm ready for them but I still am anxious and upset until the power is restored. It is very much like when we aren't plugged into God and His strength and power. Great analogy!


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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24