Friday, August 19, 2016

{ Friday Foto Friends #41 }

 It wasn't intentional, but it seems I focused on trees this week.  
Here's a few pics I captured on a morning walk and at my Mom's.

I'm so excited for the weekend because of the expectation of HOPEfully getting to see one of my dearest friends.  
It's probably been five years and that's way too long!

Looking forward to seeing everybody's pics for FFF.

HOPE you have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos of Trees. Isn't nature wonderful! Enjoy your time with your friend this weekend and have a blessed week ahead dear Debbie.

  2. Beautiful Deb! I will join in tomorrow. smiles.

    Have a lovely Friday, friend.

  3. Sometimes I tell myself that the beautiful trees are still there... get out of the house and see them!!!

  4. Beautiful trees, God gave us so much to enjoy! I'm so excited for you...seeing a dear friend, hope y'all have loads of fun!!

  5. Trees are pretty amazing and make for great photo subjects! Yours are lovely.

  6. Beautiful photos. I got my storm clouds all posted this morning. Pop over and take a look at them. It was wild.

  7. I have always loved how the sunlight comes through the pretty!

  8. I love trees and photos of trees with sunshine coming through. Very pretty. Recently picked up Anne of Green Gables just for pure pleasure and her description of trees is beautiful. Happy Friday.

  9. I also love trees. Your photos are amazing!

  10. Lovely photos of trees. I always love to see sunlight shine through trees.

  11. Trees make for beautiful pictures.
    Hope you get to meet up with your friend. : )

  12. I love trees will see in my post...I love your photos...God's trees and all of His creation are so glorious! Thank you for sharing these with us. Such a beautiful way to start the day. Have a wonderful weekend with friends and family.

  13. Thank you for the link party! It's fun to join in for the first time!

    Your tree pictures are truly amazing, my post linked is a nature share as well. : - )

    Have a fabulous weekend. : - )

  14. Some lovelyshots of the sun through the trees. Trees are some of my favourite things.


  15. I so love your wonderful pictures, dear Debbie, thank you for sharing them with us and for hosting me today, as well !

    Hope your weekend too is filled with all the most beautiful things you could ever wish,
    I'm sending hugs and more hugs to you



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sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24